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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

Yeah, but the wall is to keep out the drug dealers and murderers and child rapists, but I’m sure some of them are very fine people…

Never mind that immigrant crime rates are lower than native crime rates in just about every metric. I’d better be careful though, this is a flame-free confession thread, and this conversation could start a serious flame war.

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It will!

It will change, but also there’s a great quote “People don’t need more time, they need a deadline”. In other words, the more things you have on your plate, the more intentional you are with your time.


Say what you want about giant geese and swarms of bearlings, but there is no way I’m fighting a giant seagull


Nope nope nope

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Bear sized duck or duck sized bear,



yeah, I just like it. Make my eleventh graders talk about it, lol.



Honestly not sure whether the next home gym addition should be an extra pair of 45s or the 54-pound orangutan kettlebell. Leaning towards the KB, since it looks like the zombiebells are never coming back.

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45’s, just my take - not a KB fan.

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I don’t buy DBs for my home gym. I only purchase KBs. They do everything I need that a DB would do and more. Also… walmart seems to have a fairly routine sale on Cap KBs.

@The_Myth why are you so disagreeable with today? lol

Go with the kb since you mentioned that the 45s would just be a extra pair anyway

Lol, I’m not. Just like 45’s.

Why are you not a Beaver fan?

I am a huge beaver fan.

Beaver is tasty.

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Yeah, love that clip.

Fly to AZ tomorrow, watch the NCAA National Champion Beavers play in Surprise, eight games in ten days.

Did I mention that they are National Champions, that they won the College World Series?

Anyway, some good baseball next week watching Oregon State, National Champions.


I’m an OSU fan, not a Duck fan. I can’t stand Eugene. I drive right through, regardless of how hungry I am, I will keep driving to Roseburg!

Some beaver can taste fishy, tho. Best to find a good one.


Mind you avoid the angry ones!

Seeing as it’s V-Day, I definitely misread this. Who am I kidding, I would have misread it any day.

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Clip, clit, love me both. I get you.

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