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The Flame-Free Confession Thread II


Let’s keep it going. Confess away.

Couldn’t sleep last night and dug through some old classic threads. I confess that I am actually curious to where Professor X is this days. Trolling up another forum? Mastering his lunges? Who knows.


When he was first shown the door here, he popped up on another site that is frequented by more fanatcal bodybuilders and serious competitors. Suffice to say, after a quick 2 week forced time out, he returned to usual behavior and was resultingly banned for always trying to stir the shit with others.

Honestly, I hope the guy is doing well in real life instead of obsessively needing constant attention from anonymous people on a web forum.



In for the next 10,000!


Very rare when a thread auto locks.

Definitely one of the more entertaining ones over the years.





Maybe he has finally stepped on stage

It sure developed into a life of its own separate from what was intended.


I’m disappointed that I didn’t see the end of the last thread until it was closed for 17 hrs


I confess that I use the Ironmind six star bench for benching purely because I think it is cool.


Confession: I feel truly disappointed that the last post on the old thread was boring. I didn’t know it was going to close the thread, and if I knew it was going too, I would of put some wicked Montague of the best posts, or something super witty.


I hope Boston wins the series


I’m just replying, so i can be one of the earliest posters in the beginning of The Flame-Free Confessional Thread II.


I will never forgive you for what you did!


Hey, flame free!


Am I wrong or does it feel like Troll activity is increasing here as of late? Or is it just inexperienced guys talking out their ass thinking they are smarter than what they are.



Seconded! I pitched when I played and went to WSU on a scholarship. I loved Pedro Martinez back in the day so I latched on to the Red Sox.

Nowadays I root for the Royals since they’re the closest we have to a home team but the Sox are a close second.

BTW, your Hogs broke our hearts my freshman year. I didn’t play (redshirt) but look at the 2004 regional tourney hosted by your team.


Great story man! Thx


This place has been plagued by trolls for years. Some were belters to be fair. Houstonguy springs to mind.

Another thought though. This place was like the Wild West back pre 2012? Folk were destroyed on here. It all seems a bit more cordial nowadays


Yeah trolls use to be treated like the Romans did the early Christians . Anyone know where i can find some lions ?


I don’d mind the trolls. They are like pollen and seasonal allergies. A wave of irritants every now and again followed by calm. And they are obvious. Plus CC has been a good troll hunter the past few weeks.

What is starting to drive me slowly mad are the people who want validation for something stupid by posing it as a question, then when they do not get agreement they go on the defensive using either dumb logic, anecdotal evidence of a pro athlete, or worse, their own n=1 results to justify it.

Why the hell even ask the question? Just do it and move on, nobody cares. I just read a thread in the nutrition forum that is bound to give me an aneurysm 4 months from now. “If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college”. Bonus points for anyone who got that without google.


4 years into moving to Virginia, I’m having thoughts of moving to the West Coast.