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The Five Elements

I was fascinated with the concept of the Five Elments in weightlifting,and decided to test mine:

I maxed on the Deadlift,doing 180 kgs.

Waited 10 mins,and did 4 reps with 150 kgs,85% of my max.This places me between Fire and Wood.

I did one Fire benching session,8 sets of 3 with approx 85% of my 1 rm.Felt great.

The next session I tried a Wood-approach,benching 70% of my 1rm for 8,8,8 then when that got too heavy I did 60% for 8,7,8,8,5,5.

At what % of your 1rm should the 10 sets of 8 be done?70%was too heavy for me.

What is a good way to combine the best of wood/fire training to take advantage of both?

It depends on your sign. If you are a Taurus or a Capricorn, go for volume, if you are a Leo or a Cancer, do low rep high weight sets.
However never workout when your moon is opposed to your sun sign.