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The Fishing Thread


Addicted to Fishing? Guilty.

Starting this thread from what was started in T-Cell.

re: Carp

10-12# Test, Large Circle hook or #2 Hook, 1/4 oz sliding sinker:


In plastic baggie mix in some combination of white bread, corn meal, olive oil, peanut butter, garlic, cheese singles, optional tuna fish.

Mix to a consistency that you can form a small meatball on the hook. Drop her in. Jig lightly off bottom.


At this point I almost always use a jig/twister tail combination for crappie/bass fishing. I rarely target anything else.


Zep-- For bass, I go with either tube baits or 'weenies' with a carolina rig type set up.

Of all things, we don't have walleye up here. The neat thing about Maine, at least where I live is that we're 30 miles inland and I still have tidal water (albeit fresh) within walking distance...


Walleye are tasty, I actually caught one just under 20" jigging for bass. That was unexpected. What do you usually get in the tidal waters?







circle hooks

who likes 'em ?



dont you hit the spring/summer Salmon and Steelhead runs ?



I see your name suits ya.


Nice catch, bro. That's a muskie, no?

Went on a trip to Wisconsin for nine days back in high school. Loved it. Caught a ton of pike, muskie (only a couple muskie), bass, and bluegill. Watched a Bald Eagle claim it's prey. One of the best trips of my life. Shore lunch every day... Dammit, I need to go on another trip.

A fishing trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England... That would be epic.

Anyway, enough daydreaming. My dad and I have a nice little pond we fish that's a short drive away. We help with the upkeep for the nice gentleman that owns it, and he lets us fish whenever we want. It only has Bluegill, Red-eared Sunfish (Shellcrackers) and Largemouth Bass (my personal favorite is crappie), but the fishing is great. We never come home without a meal.


I like walleye fishin.

Use minnows and troll for them at the bottom.

Sometimes you get a Northern... they put up a good fight!


I've tried and failed in the pidgeon river. I have no clue about salmon/trout fishing.


I've been searching for fishing threads on here, lately. It's great to see that someone started one. I've been doing a ton of fishing this summer. I've fished in the past, but this summer I've been hitting it pretty hard. I mainly target bass, although there are usually a few pickerel thrown in there too. Nothing huge yet, but it's been a blast getting outside and catching fish.





If you ever go on a trip, and catch one of these. Be sure to post it. Also, in the US we have chain pickerel, and two smaller species the grass and redfin pickerel. Catching each of the 3 species might be difficult without moving around the country due to the range of the fish, but it'd be worth it.

If you really love pike, and want an aquarium sized pike. grass/redfin pickerel are great they max out at 8-12" and can be kept in a 40long + gallon tank.


anyone caught lying gets tribunaled the fuck out !!

just funnin' ya all

we all know fishermen dont lie


Has anyone ever gone snagging for salmon?

It's evil fun! I did some up in Alaska, it's so easy it's stupid.

You just cast out with a weighted quad hook and yank back while you reel in.

You get your limit in about 30 minutes.


Dude! Very cool.

Are they good eats?


going fishing in Connecticut next week =)


live bait