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The Fish Oil Dosage Debate

"Competitive inhibition of delta-6-desaturase. Referring to the diagram below, you’ll notice that the first step is dependent on delta-6-desaturase. When you take significantly more omega-3 than omega-6 â?? or vice versa â?? they compete against one another. This is why I tell people that super-loading omega-3 is not a good idea.

If you take in too much omega-3, you’ll have issues converting omega-6, which is also essential. So don’t fall for the “take 20-30 grams of fish oil a day” recommendations.

Fact is, some topnotch doctors report seeing patients with unusual bleeding and joint pain from taking excess omega-3. On the other hand, problems also occur with ingesting too much omega-6, which happens to be much more biologically active and will set the stage for more inflammation.". (from managing inflammatio).

Then there’s there’s many coaches who recommend exactly this or even more, You hear Poliquin talking about freakish muscle gains by mega dosing his athletes with it, Just curious to hear opinions, experiences etc.

Like everything else in life, listen to your body. “One man’s meal is another’s poison”.

I take a potent omega. Found out that if I take two, I feel “off”. It’s not a science experiment, just me knowing my body and the signs it gives me.

Vince Gironada recommended lots of dessicated liver for his athletes. Tried it and got a sore stomach. But “his athletes showed great gains”. Does that make him or myself wrong? No, I just couldn’t stand it biologically. We could go in a “purity” brand, etc debate, lets not.

I now take one capsule, feel great, less joint pain (I have osteo-arthritis) and feel better overall. I mean really, who wants to calculate a 1-4 ratio everyday???

Yes, too much FO can cause problems, so can too much water. The likelihood is extremely low, especially in today’s modern diet that includes tons of omega-6s’ compared to omega-3’s

I take 5-10 caps at a time. It helps with joint pain and so far nothing negative has resulted from it.

I take 2 caps with each meal. I notice no difference if I don’t take it. But I take it regardless. It’s like insurance.

I take liquid fish oil. One capful is apparently equivalent to 9 normal caps. I take it in the mornings after breakfast. Im thinking about cycling it with cod liver oil.

If I am training hard, I notice the difference if I dont take it. I also like to take fish oil for the positive effects its meant to have on the brain.


[quote]theBird wrote:
I also like to take fish oil for the positive effects its meant to have on the brain.


Let us know when it [finally] starts working.


I take about 3 grams a day, my blood pressure has come down drastically. Unfortunately I started doing that when i started going low carb and high fat for my diet so there is also evidence dropping the carbs, more specifically grains, could have also accounted for this.

Charles Poliquin, I know, is a huge proponent of very large doses of fish oil. Were talking 35-40 grams daily…

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
I take 2 caps with each meal. I notice no difference if I don’t take it. But I take it regardless. It’s like insurance.[/quote]

i switched to pacific salmon instead. 3x a week in a salad and i notice a difference.

I have the liquid too and don’t even use a spoon, just pour a liter or so into my mouth.

Would 25g a day be too much if you were also taking 25g of olive oil?
I thought as long as you kept the ratio 1:1 everything would be all good… ATM I am eating that, along with a handful of eggs and few scoops of whey for breakfast, and also 50g of butter in my coffee (as per bulletproof exec). I kind of assumed I would need all that fish oil to offset the other fats.

What do people think?

omfg i love fish oils, and depends on how big you are.

[quote]forevernade wrote:
…and also 50g of butter in my coffee[/quote]

Butter? In your coffee?