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The Fish Oil Controversy


It seems the fish oil controversy will never die. Some people swear by fish oil and some people say it does nothing. Some say high doses of fish oil can kill you. Do people realize that one quarter pounder w/cheese and fries has about 50 grams of fat ( almost all of it bad). Starting about 3 months ago I started replacing the bad fats in my diet with fish oil and olive oil.

I still indulge now and then at mcdonalds and burger king but less than once a week. I know people that eat fast food 3 times a day and have for years. Granted these people are fat, lazy and generally unhealthy.But they are still alive. Since I started my experiment I feel great, I am less tired and less sore after workouts.

I think some of the people that do not feel anything with fish oil probably took the fish oil on top of an already shitty diet and expected a miracle. People have to realize very few people can build a great body on a shitty diet. Im done let the flaming start.


It may be what you say, that taking a little fish oil on top of an unhealthy diet doesn't do much, it may also be that relatively healthy people with relatively healthy diets don't feel much difference because having the extra fish oil adds no incremental benefit, i.e. they already have what their body is going to 'use'

Your experience may be simply the change in diet and having less junk food, the addition of fish oil specifically may be completely unrelated to the boost you feel. This is why anecdotal reporting is interesting but ultimately limited in usefulness.

Whichever way, this is really a 'Supplements and Nutrition' question isn't it?


Flameout has allowed me to overcome pain in my joints from brutal factory jobs.I can't lift without it.If I could only take one supp it would be Flameout.


fish oil isn't a magic cure. But the science is there for it, so I take it


Here's a little story: Last week on Tuesday I ran out of Flameout ad I had put off placing another order so I was fresh out of fish oil. I placed my order Thursday. My right knee started hurting Thursday after sprinting. It was there the whole weekend. It felt really stiff and I knew inflammation had set in. I got my order of Flameout Monday. Took 3 pills before I went to sleep. Woke up Tuesday and took 3 pills with breakfast. Tuesday afternoon my knee felt like a million bucks.

My diets pretty spot on and I've never had any joint issues while taking my fish oil supps. So, the only thing that changed from last week to this was lack of fish oil. So, all things constant, fish oil DOES make a difference.


I didn't know there was a controversy


I've been thinking of starting with the fish oil sup myself. So you are in the "do it" camp, I take it?


It's hard to find people here that believe otherwise. i'm a big believer in fish oil myself.


yeah I take Flameout, I eat that shit for breakfast lunch and dinner. I'm in control baby, im fuckin in control, fuckin flameo- ... FUCKIN Flameout! WHERE'S THE GODDAMN FLAMOUT MA, I TOLD YOU TO GET ME SOME Flameout! FUCK!



Ah, the sweet memories.

Btw have any of you guys noticed any difference in body comp or insulin sensitivity or just joint health? I just starting using fish oil again about 4 days ago, 9 g's a day, and my usually fucked up elbow feels great now.


Yeah, I'm in the "do it" camp. I'm all fancy. I eat salmon or sardines everyday.


I haven't noticed body comp changes or ability to handle carbs better as I still carry most of my fat in the abs/oblique area.

I have noticed double dosing Flameout really helps joint pain, but that's like $90/month on just fish oil.


I found that when I first started with the Flameouts that my composition seemed a little bit better. I was dropping a few lbs for summer, and I just seemed to hold onto a little more LBM than I had in the past. I'm sure it was simply having more healthy fats in place of some of my carbs, not really magic, just science.



I think people who take fish oil for joint relief are disappointed because it doesn't work if the product doesn't contain CLA.


In my opinion Flameout is the best nutritional supplement for health that Biotest offers. I have gone through periods where I was not taking it, and I felt the difference. Aside from the physical advantages (joint health, energy, silky smooth skin, strong hair, penis enlargement), Flameout does work for my mood and mental clarity.




The same well-read individuals that believe that creatine will kill you, and is akin to taking "Roids."

On a more factual note, fish oil IS magic. Unbeknownst to most scholars on the subject, it was actually discovered by Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and John Berrardi while eating sushi during a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The first ever fish oil supplement was made from the infamous Fugu, which has been known to kill a man through its deadly toxins that can remain interlaced in its flesh if not prepared correctly. Legend has it that if you look the Fugu straight in the eyes, even after it has expired, your body will turn to stone. Seriously, I read it on Wikipedia.




I have not experienced any relief from joint (elbow) pain even with high doses of Flameout. However my doctor says I have the best cholesterol profile he's ever seen. Fish oil lowers triglycerides, and I think LDL. Or maybe it raises HDL. Whatever.