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The First Marijuana Growers Union


Teamsters organize the first Marijuana Growers Union.



why the fuck would you need a union to grow a pot plant?


it (MAY) help with price control


How about just use supply and demand?


The Teamsters need dues paying members. With the decline in industrial production of real goods, their membership has been suffering.

With people living longer and end of life care increasing exponentially Someone has to pay into those legacy costs. May as well pay them by infiltrating a new industry.

The pot growers should just tell the teamsters to screw off, and that they can manage their own operations just fine.


Without a union marijuana would be as expensive as a pack of cigarettes.

In other words, without the protection that unions provide marijuana growers would have to work harder to supply more customers.


Two non productive things join forces. I can't wait to see how this turns out. We're moving so forward.




gosh I like the occasional doob every now and then but I couldn't imagine growing it myself, I'd be high all the time nothing would get done.


legalization in CA is expected to bottom out the price of pot, at least in CA. it can be gown in terrible conditions with little labor or attention, its going to make squash look like a luxury good.

i imagine having a union will help growers establish area protections inside cities where people may not want to set up grow operations indoors.

almost funny that a lot of rural farmers in CA are against this law because they depend heavily on keeping pot illegal and the prices higher(and are traditionally conservative hah). counties in northern CA are already bracing a huge economic collapse if the pot tax passes.


Maybe not too odd, but an old buddy of mine is a staunch conservative and grew some of the most mind blowing hydro this side of the Mississippi.

He was all about keeping the govt. out of his growing operation, and not the only repub I've known who liked to burn a nice fatty.

There is a large contingent of conservatives who's battle cry should be "God, Guns, and Ganja!".


Why would they put a price floor in? I guess I am not high enough to understand their logic or lack there of.


No, just too dumb. If its your business to grow pot, why would you allow for the price to completely bottom out? Since ya know, the point of a business is to make money.


No, just too dumb. If its your business to grow pot, why would you allow for the price to completely bottom out? Since ya know, the point of a business is to make money.


The high volume growers may be afraid of losing bargaining power in control of the pricing.

Lets say someone introduces a manufacturing and distribution model that brings the going rate for the equivalent quantity of a carton of cigarettes (8.0 oz.) down to the similar price range. With RYO operations, you can get loose tobacco custom blended and machine rolled for $25.00/carton, or just the loose tobacco for $15.00.

Now I could be outdated, but last time I checked (16 years or so ago), non-hydro in bulk quantity was about $100.00/lb. or $75.00 for 8 oz. if you maintain the quantity similar to a carton of cigs. To bring it down to even $25.00/8 oz. would be a 66% reduction in price.

To be competitive and allow for retail mark up to $25.00, it would have to be sold in bulk at probably 50% less, which would bring the wholesale price down to about $12.50/ 8 oz. or an 83.4% reduction.

So, sure the farmers that currently grow it have a lot to lose if a major player in the tobacco industry (who already have all of the technology and distribution channels required to do something like this) comes in and retools the working model that they already have in place to a more market friendly/retail type of distribution system.

...but that is based on old price/quantity. I have no idea where it is at now, but like everything else, has probably gone up.


Social Darwinism. Bring it!


If prices bottom out then people would stop growing it, bringing prices back up. And if the prices are low more people would buy more. It's simple supply and demand. Perhaps you should put down the joint and learn it?