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The First Hollywood Gang Movie!


Before Boyz in the Hood...

before Juice...

before Menace II Society...

before American Me...

before Blood In, Blood Out...

there was COLORS!

I friggin' love the Mexican slang in this movie! I watched it when I was nine years old and I asked my dad during the movie, "What are all these sayings - 'oraley', 'si mon', 'chaley', 'ese', 'vato'?"


Wow, I remember a buddy of mine grabbing this from a Blockbuster Video when we were in high school. No one had heard of it, but what else was there to do when you're 16 and no one's invented the internet yet -lol. Great flick.



Ok damn that was a flashback. I do remember looking at it back in the day and being from Brooklyn NY all I could think was damn, the brothers in LA are straight up Nuts.

That and I hated Penn thru the whole movie (just proof that he is a great actor).


I fell in love with Maria Conchita Alonzo in this flick....used about a case Jergens on her as a kid


I'm here for the Gang Bang


Brooklyn did have a lot of nutjobs from the 70s to 90s though - Jollystompers, Tomahawks, Decepticons (wouldn't wanna see one of these guys in a subway car back in the late 80s and early 90s), Lo-Lifes, Black Spades, Hellcats.


The Deceps, tormented me as a kid, espescially on the 7 train. They would always break into the conductors car and start talking shit. As a freshman in High School, all 5 ft of me with a huge textbook filled school bag..."Beat the shit out of me" was written on my forehead!


ahahahah Yes they did. My brother was actually a member of the Tomahawks. They had clashed with the Brooklyn boys or something like that in prospect park. Wow that was like 1975. But back then it was not so much for money (drugs) as it was more of teritory just were you lived.

I remember there was a small group of dumbfucks named the sex boys they were a kiddie gang that use to cause trouble in East New York me and my friends were chased home from school many times. Damn Tomahawks now that was a flash back.


Yes, I've heard of the Sex Boys.

I'm 31 now, so I only know of all this stuff from some really good books on the subject, with Craig Castleman's Getting Up being the best one, even though only one chapter was dedicated to NYC gangs in the 70s, with the rest covering graffiti from the late 1960s to early 1980s. He does mention Sex Boys in the book. A lot of the gang members from then did graff on the subways too.

Queens had some crews, but they were mostly into graff.


I don't know if this was the first gang movie, but it is a good one. I like the anecdote Duvall tells Penn at the beginning of the flick about the buffalos, and at the end of the Movie Penn tells it to his new partner. I also liked the theme song by Ice-T.


If we're getting techincal then Westside Story would be the first...


You guys are forgetting about "The Warriors"


I think he meant the first "Realistic" or Real to life type of Modern Gangster movie....The Warriors was just good ol fashion campy fun..However I tip my hat to the "RIF" gang that group was no joke. Who could forget the bathroom scene or the end at Coney Island and the kid with the coca cola bottles singing "Warrrrrioorssss come out and playyyyyyyyyaaaayyy"

hahaha RIF..Reading is fundamental

Outsiders haahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahah the start of the tight jean movement.


So wait there were NO gangs running around in the 70's with painted faces and wearing old Yankee baseball uniforms? WTF I feel like my whole life I have been living a lie.


Damn my leather vest will never come out of the closet again. And I just cant do the coke bottle trick any more at parties.


Yeah but thanks to dave we all have a new Coke Bottle song..."BREASSTTT MILLLKKK, YOU MADE MY DAYYYYYAAAYYYY"


The Wanderers FTW


The Warriors (from what I remember of it) was really a parody of 70s gang life in NYC. No, they didn't wear makeup or skate around, but they did dress flamboyantly with cut sleeves, motorycle vests, boots, huge-brimmed dress hats, bandanas, excessive jewelry, and backwards swastikas.

I'm on my break now, so I can't access You Tube. Check the documentary 80 Blocks from Tiffany's - features Black Spades, Savage Nomads, and Savage Skulls. Those were the crews that gave inspiration to The Warriors.

And yes, there were real life brawls at Coney Island.


I really dislike the fact that NONE of these idiots would ever fight one on one! Same with TMR - one of their later jockgrabbers started with me for NO fucking reason, but of course it took 20 of his boys being in the background for him to do it.


The Baldies