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The Fire Rises

25, 178#, 5’10

Did Crossfit (stop, i know) while i was in the military from 18-23. Started really hating the whole community (could probably start a whole damn new thread on it) then started on 5/3/1 and went up from 170# to about 190#. Gained a lot of strength, but also a lot of non-muscle mass, so i trimmed back down to 170 and began a bodybuilding split a few months ago and have put on about 8#.

Chest/Back on MThur; Shoulders/Arms on TueF; Legs on WSat; Sunday off; abs 3x a week (varied)

I generally get around 1 gram of protein per 1# of bodyweight, and my calories are generally between 3300-3600


Poor attempt at most muscular, I blame apple’s photobooth.

you look significantly better from the front than the back. Especially the legs. Your hamstrings look untrained.