The FINiBAR Effect...

So now that Biotest has this 30% off 4 packs of FINiBARs and Metabolic Drive bars, I was thinking about stocking up on Metabolic Drive bars and also trying FINiBARs.

I’m starting my first semi-serious bulk, will be using the cheaper ANACONDA Protocol (only needed the ANACCONDA, and the discount took care of that), but would adding 1 FINiBAR pre-workout provide me a noticeable difference in performance (doing 5/3/1)?

I find it does for me, but the only way you’ll know how you respond is to experiment.

I’m betting it would. I like my FINiBARs pre-workout so much that I eat them on my mountain bike rides as well. It’s mainly for the energy, but also because they sit so well in my stomach.

I was eating some FINiBARs pre workout for awhile. Then I tried to save some $$ and make my own protein bars.

I liked the FINiBARs betters and looking back it was a productive training period.

I also like the FINiBARs pre workout. the arent heavy in your stomach like other bars and I was always more vascular looking during a training session that had FINiBARs pre workout. Im not really sure why?


My training sessions have always been better with the FINiBARs then without. Plus the extra 280 calories peri workout really helps with muscle building.

i noticed a big difference when i started having 2 FINiBARs prior to every mornign lifting session. they go down easy and don’t make me want to vomit when lifting. i also recommended them to a cycling friend who has had great success eating them while riding. FINiBARs might be my favorite Biotest product.

I’ve found that a pair of FINiBARs make a pretty substantial and quick “breakfast” on those lazy weekend mornings where I wake up late, chow down on two bars, and head to the gym 10 minutes later (with the usual peri-workout mix during training).

Dark chocolate FINiBARs microwaved for 10-12 seconds… yessir.

In my experience the FINiBAR effect is productive workouts with plenty of volume every single time, cumulative effects of caloric deficit be damned

I do like FINiBARs but can only eat them when my daughter is not around due to the nuts in them. As someone who uses them here and there I can see and feel a huge difference. If I could, I would use them all of the time. I workout at home so normally I can’t eat them since she likes to workout with me.

Every saturday I go to a powerlifting/strongman gym and do a lot of conditioning stuff. My breakfast is a scoop of anaconda and two FINiBARs. By the time I get there I am ready for anything. Even after beating myself down, I still feel pretty good when I leave.