The Finals Thread

Well, I’m sitting here drinking coffee, with some Spike and vinpo at hand working on finals. I thought this thread might be a good idea for people to share tips about anything final related.

I found this site which will be of use to any medical/biology student trying to get ready.

I have on to add that isn’t on the site.

Adductor Muscles of the Hip
Girls - Gracilis
Mostly - Adductor Mangus
Like - Adductor Longus
Big - Adductor Brevis
Pecs - Pectinius

Good luck to all, I’m just glad I’m and easy poly sci major hah.

I made it easy on myself by just ditching finals and going straight to my job.

Last finals ever this semester!

My tip would be to not rely on coffee and study pills. Organize your notes in to sections and study each section intermittantly throughout designated days. It’ll sink in and you only really have to hardcore memorize the “laundry list” info to have it in the correct order.

Get plenty of sleep, not just the day before but all week and forget about the parties.

Coffee fueled cram sessions are not very helpful.

Training helps as well. For me at least. A session in the gym and two or three quick miles on the track are enough to clear my head and give me energy to focus on studying more.

just wait to the last minute. as a physics major, i know im going to fail anyway… its all about that curve…

Nothing constructive to add, but I’ll bitch about the fact that our finals period lasts until December 18th, and by some shitty luck of the draw, my finals are scheduled like this:

12/6: Con Law
12/10: Bankruptcy
12/11: Local Gov’t Law
12/12: Computer Crime

Three in a row. Good times.

It isn’t that coffee fueled study sessions are ineffective it’s the fact that students study with coffee at night, then take their test with water during the day. Take a cup of coffee and some Spike and vinpo prior to/during your test. Try to put yourself in the same situation while taking the test as you do when you study.

Online graduate school = no finals :slight_smile: will help you with accounting/finance related questions.