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The Final Plunge

So right now I’m on a 5 day routine,

Mon: Chest Tri
Tues: Plyos and HIIT
Wed: Back Biceps
Thurs: HIIT
Fri: Shoulds Traps HIIT
Sun: Squat and Deads

And my diet looks something like:

8:00- 3 eggs, wheat toast
11:00- grilled chicken breast sandwhich
1:00- Varies, usually a lean grilled meat with veggies and rice
6:00- Varies, usually chicken/pork with rice and veggies
Post workout: 200 cal protein shake
Pre bed: Banana and 1 1/2 cup of milk

This totals up to about 2300 calories, which is around 300 more than my BMR. Right now, being at around 10% body fat, I’m looking to get down to 7 or 8 for the entire summer. I’m around 195 lbs at 6’1" so I have a fairly weak amount of muscle, but I’m looking more for leanness. I’ve hit a plateau at 9.5-10% and can’t go much lower. No matter what tweaks I make to my diet I can’t seem to take any calories off, and I’d be nervous to lose even more muscle.

This seems like a problem that could be solved by HIIT, but I need some help.

I’m doing 10 intervals of 30 burpees with a 1-1 ratio of rest and activity. I do this 8-10 times and then I’m done.

What can I do to make this final plunge of 2% ??

****I’m training in rep ranges of around 5 to increase strength and I HIT 2 PRS YDAY. 240 on the bench and 340 on the DL.

couple of ways of working out your BMR
at rest you will burn up 25 cal per kg of body weight per day.
25xbody weight (kgs)=BMR
moderately active +50%
very active exercise most days +100%
so if your around 88kgs
25x88=2200+50%=3300 -500 for your deficit and this gives you 2800. so your cal are a bit low. try carb cycling possibly?
another method
18-29 BMR=(15.1xweight)+692 SEE 156 only add SEE if your aming to GAIN weight
so you would be
15.1 x 88 1328+692 equals 2020 x1.7 (moderately active) gives you 3435 and again you would shoot for a 500 cal deficit from that.
so in short up your cal to lose weight!
as i mentioned earlier i would be tempted to carb cycle, eat more small meals, increse your veg drop the toast
i normally do more LSD cv. lose the banana before bed. replace with cottage cheese. increase your healthy fats.
but what do i know!?

Are you training for a competition?

Also, ditch the BMR. It is too subjective to be any good.

Fact is, you are small for your height. You are not eating enough to even “maintain”, with the amount of work you are doing, you have a fairly weak amount of muscle because you are not eating enough and HIIT is not doing anything because, you guessed it, you are not eating enough.

Up your calories slowly, for the next month. Read up on nutrition. Monitor (thru a mirror) until you find your sweet spot. Sweet spot is when you you don’t loose strength, you don’t gain fat (or much) and you have enough energy during the whole day.

Serious question: is a difference of 2% bodyfat going to be at all significant to anyone besides the person who lost the 2%? Seems doubtful…

when down in the 10s and 11s, yes 2% actually makes a huge difference. @JFG i’m not looking to be that much bigger right now. I’m cutting and although I’m not a bodybuilder, I’ve never really been lean and this is more of an experiment to see what I’d look like in that single digit body fat. I did bulk for a majority of my time working out (1 year) at around 4000 calories, and got up close to 20%. I feel like I have enough muscle to look impressive at 8 or 9%, even though it’s still small compared to most bodybuilders. I’m willing to take this chance as a motivating factor in the long run. What would be considered not light at my height? (6’) My long term goal is 8% body fat @ 220 lbs.

I do like the sweet spot thing and feel like that is something I should push to and will definitely do.

@Harris Thanks, I will. Maybe you’re right, I probably should up the calorie intake. I feel like I’m losing a bit too much and it will come back to bite me in the future… I’ll aim for 2600 this week and tell you how it goes. I forgot to add this but i do eat lots of raw almonds and walnuts as snacks throughout the day. Will that suffice for my healthy fats?