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The Fight With my Endo Goes on!


Hey guys...I just got my lab tests back..
total test was 781
ESTRADIOL was <10... range is <50 pg/ml ??(this dont seem right)

Im on TRT 100 ENANTHATE a week
prop 300 a week, mast 300 a week,and winny 50mg a day, my endo says my E2 is fine..
any suggestions about how much ADEX ?* TRT is prob for life...
AT last check my E2 was 37...and I took no antis,

so about E2 my dr yells and calls me dumb because he says,Im not fat because of high E2,but my E2 is high because im fat......with what Im on now,I wondering my best plan for ANTI'S many claim under 1 gram of test a week,you do noy need anti's... just for the hell of it I called 3 urol. in my hood....all 3 use antis & HCG but my ENDO claims its non sense..
any help would be great..thanks guys.