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The Fight Network (TFN)


Just wondering if anyone gets the this channel (TFN-The Fight Network) its 24 hour MMA, Boxing, etc.
I'm hoping Comcast picks it up, I know its available in Canada.


I am getting it for free somehow. I have Star choice. The Fight Network is fuckin awesome, except for some shitty wrestling some of the time.


THIS CHANNEL EXISTS!?!? I'll have to look into this, I don't know how much they can carry though with UFC liscenced to Spike, Pride to FOXSN, and most classic boxing matches to ESPN.


From what I've read its only available in Canada...


I was getting this for free up until a coupld of weeks ago. They show a K-1 event every Friday, Pride every Saturday. They also have TKO, and a bunch of boxing and crappy wrestling, but the MMA is sweet. No UFC events.
I didn't purchase it since it looked like they were starting to repeat K-1 and Pride events. They also just picked up Thai kickboxing from Europe, not bad.

All fights all the time!


Damn! I would actually consider buying a TV and getting cable just for this channel. It's kind of funny, the other day, my ex gf was wondering if there's such channel so she can watch fights all day, too bad it's only available in Canada.


A SHE wants to watch fights all day?
Now tell me she was a beatiful vixen and I'll tell you you were a moron.


Wow a channel like this actually exists?

... I thought it was just a dream I had once...


Yes, she's a sexy vixen and no I'm not a moron.


It just launched on Videotron cable in Quebec. I think its channel 116. Hoping this comes to the states soon.


Sweet, I have videotron, I'll look into it.


I'm walking along the beach when I stub my toe on an oddly shaped lamp. "what's this?" I ponder. as I wipe away a layer of dust a genie pops out and says, "since you have released me from my eternal slumber, I shall grant you one wish." I think for a moment and reply "I wish for a cable network that shows nothing but 24 hour fighting." the genie responds "there already is one." And I respond "oh. in that case I'll have a coke"


Boondock reference. Sweet channel


It will be available to the rest of Canada later this month. It starts today on RUSH Cable channel 416. You lucky bastards!


Does anyone know if this channel is on DirecTV?


I have been requesting it but from I what I hear it won't be available in the US for the next month or so.


Where did you get that information from?

I have been trying to find out who is going to carry this channel for sometime. TFN won't tell me anything, neither will dish, direct or cablevision.


where did you get this info from? who will carry it?


What is this about crappy wrestling? I hope you're calling WWE crappy and not collegiate wrestling, cause I'd definitely throw some money down if they televise some dual meets.


Its now on Sunshine Network in British Columbia--channel 104. Fellas, if you request it they are going to put in on your cable system.