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The Fight For Strength

Ok so it’s going to be like this.

My goals are, to become the strongest bodybuilder that I can. To make the logbook my bitch. To become, “a brute, a behemoth, a human forklift.”

20 years old, 205lb.

For a long time, I was going in circles. Cut or Bulk? Do this program or do that? Train like a bodybuilder or a powerlifter? recently, I was so clusterfucked I even contemplated starving myself to get down in weight then bulk (yeah, I have some spare fat to lose). I wasted some valuable time getting nowhere. But then at some point, when you think things through enough… everything becomes crystal clear. You know what you want, what you have to do and how to get there (or at least more or less har har!).

My training will be DC inspired… but I am not advanced enough to do a full DC … so it will be a toned down version of it. I have learnt I love warming up to a single, super intense set. The kind where you block out everything and fight with the weight (sometimes taking upwards of ten seconds on that last rep…). It is what it is and I love it. So I am pretty confident I know what I’m doing.

It will Be:




1 exercise per bodypart. I rotate two exercises for each bodypart per workout. When I stall on one, I switch it out for a similar one. Sets will be rest-paused ala DC (except for some like legs and back thickness according to DC).

For now it’s:

Smyth Incline (15-25)
Machine Shoulder Press (15-25)
Skullcrusher (15-25)

Flat DB Press (15-25)
DB Shoulder Press (15-25)
Smyth Close-Grip Bench (15-25)

Deadlift (5-8) + (9-12)
V-Bar Pulldown (15-25)
Preacher Curl (15-25)

T-Bar Row (10-15ss)
Front Pulldown (15-25)
DB Hammer Curl (10-20ss)

Back Squat (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest then 20 rep widowmaker
65 x 11
67.5 x 11

Leg Curl (10-15ss)
30 x 12

Leg Press (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest then 20 rep widowmaker
RDL (10-15ss)

I will be doing cardio everyday… 45 min either in the morning or in the evening on off days. I also do 20 min after each workout.

That’s the gist of it.

“Lets get serious. Lets get ugly. Beat the logbook” - Gollum


Back Squat
65 x 11
67.5 x 11

Leg Curl
30 x 12


Smyth Incline Press
70kg x 12+4+2

Extreme stretched.

Machine Shoulder Press
7.5kg (per side) x 8+4+3

Extreme stretched.

17.5kg x 11+3+2

I don’t count the bar because I don’t know how much it weighs.

Extreme stretched.

Great session. The extreme stretches are absolutely killer. 20 seconds into the chest stretch I was shaking like a madman. People around were staring…

Oh yeah, I finished the Chest/Delt/Tri session with 20 min cardio, as normal.