The FIFA World Cup

Surely we have some football fans around!?

I’m obviously going for Australia, but to be honest they annoy the shit out of me to watch. Belgium is my 2nd team and who I hope get to the finals.

I really dislike soccer, but since I’m a descendant of Portuguese … Viva Portugal

I’m sorry. It must be difficult to have christiano ronaldo on your team. Not as difficult as it is for the Portuguese team though.

Spain vs Portugal looked like fun. Lot of goals and exciting attacking football but probably shitty defending

Hat trick from Ronaldo (penalty, shot straight at the keeper that should’ve been saved, and the one in a hundred free kick that goes on target).

What time does the USMNT…nevermind.


Italy is out this time, so I’m for Iceland and Portugal.

So far, Portugal v. Spain has been the best game, Morocco’s OG was heart-breaking, and Haldorsson’s save was as good as De Gea’s was poor.

On a related note, Nike re-released the Nigerian jersey again today. I had 3 in my cart when the site froze. Once it was back up, my cart was empty. Bastards.

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Aus obviously here
Risdons slide wasnt a penalty, there I said it and I aint taking it back
Aziz can burn in hell though, that little melbourne worm
Will go out on a limb and say that after this world cup, lozano (mexico) will be the break out star, CR7 will take the mantle between him and messi as the greatest of our generation, iceland will make the rd of 16 and brazil will win, taking out germany in the final 3-0
Thats my predictions atleast :joy:


I’m not really into football but I just saw on the internet that Nigerian guy scored his own goal xD

Arnt you European? The game looked alright actually, I just watched the quick replay.

Yeah I am European.

My country played against Nigeria hahaha

Yup,I’ll be rooting for England soon.

Looking forward to watching Brazil & Germany today too.

Hey considering the price difference in teams, I think we did pretty well against the french. :wink:

I agree 100% but it’s more how they play rather than their result. I can’t watch Aleague either. I’ve been spoilt by BBVA, Premier League and the Champions League.

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We’re gonna steamroll over the worst Argentina squad ever, finish top of the group and after a lot of self congratulatory patting on the back after Iceland will fall into a colossal hysteria before playing France in the first elimination round, who will inexplicably finish second in their group. We’ll concede a goal from Pogba in the 89th minute despite him being offside. France will go on to win the whole thing and we will perversely obsess how things could have gone differently if only the Pogba offside was called or if Perišić attempt in the 90th minute went in.

You know, the usual scenario.


Stunning shot from Modric. Absolutely trounced Argentina! Really good game all round.

Good to see a draw between Australia and Denmark. Keeps us both in it ay @mortdk


Phase 1 complete!

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Argentina, on paper a great team, on the field not so much.
Modric and Rakitic were outstanding.
Danish here, so come on Denmark…
It’s going to be a tough last round Irish @Irishman92 , I don’t think we’ll win against France.

Bah! Not with that attitude! They didn’t play that well against the Aussies, so I definitely think you guys have a chance.