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The 'Feel Free to Brag' Thread


Go ahead, brag. You're a T-man, you deserve some acknowledgement. (Note: It has to be related to strength training!!!)


I was just 16, 188 pounds and deadlifted 520 pound, with only a belt.


I am back to squatting 225x10 and 265x4 (rocked over onto my good leg on the 4th rep so I stopped the set there) and back to pulling 365x5 with no belt. Not very impressive for a 225lb guy who has been lifting for almost 10 years but I have only been back at squatting and DL for a few months.

I effed up my left knee and leg bad in Nov 07 and have had 4 surgeries since. I still need them to rebuild my knee (currently no ACL or MCL and my leg is not aligned properly)

if you want to see/hear the break:


id love to post my numbers except most people in here that do the same are like 160 pounds, fucking bastards lol


man that was seriosuly brutal lol
especially seeing your leg snap like that haha omg..i watched the video like 20 times. The sound n everythin wow lol.
That shit would work good in street fight


My penis is 11" around.

Think about it.


glad you liked it. Dont know how effective it would be in a street fight, but yeah if you can shatter somebody's leg, the fight is pretty much over.


i didnt expect to able to hear that so vividly with the volume not even high. ouch


I once won a 6 on 1 street fight.

We really kicked that guy's ass.


I rather not thanks.


too damn funny


I wasn't sure if I'd be able to watch this -- made it sound like some cage-match to the death. Then I see it was the result of a friendly tussle at what looks like a family picnic -- ind of shit my brothers and I do all the time. Oh well, I guess you never know when friendly screwing around can lead to injury. Kudos on your efforts to get back, and on being able to handle it w/humor in your video (nice credits and song). Heard a little girl's voice yelling, "Daddy!" Probably more traumatic for her! Or maybe not.


Hit a 10-rep PR on the squat the other day, after spending the last several weeks running everyday and losing weight. 425x10 @220. Not very impressive, but nice to me considering the circumstances.


I'd say that's pretty impressive. Good work.


Thanks, man.


I had sex with Pam Anderson, and didnt use a condom.


Congrats you now have hepatitis.


Bingo. I think that was the joke m8.

And Masonator, 425x10 is effing impressive. To think you're doing like 200% of most people's max for 10 reps should make you feel pretty good about yourself. Well done.


I pulled 480 for 5 the other day, gettin close to that 5 for 5.


Oh yeah that was done RAAAAAAAAAAAW, by the way. Cause everyone knows gear is for cheaters :wink:

Thanks, though.