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The Fed Changes the Rules


Take the time to give this a quick read.

The Feds move after the market’s close, the day before an options expiration date, makes no sense what at all. Unless, that is, you wanted to inflict massive pain. BTW, two million shares of SPY were sold mere seconds before the announcement.

We live in a very crooked world. The Fed needs to be audited, abolished and prosecuted. It will never happen.

BTW, if you think I am just squeezing sour grapes, remember that I went short at the close today. I will benefit greatly. This does not, however, change the fact that this is massively wrong.

Agree on the fed audit. Its very intersting to look at the history of the founding of the Fed and where loyalty and secrecy lies.

It is hypocritical to talk about government transperancy and have this organization so influential in policy and be completley clandestine. I am not in the options market so alot of that was over my scope of knowledge but the fed is a market mover…

Bernie’s plan is coming together nicely. He is going to single handedly destroy the Fed from the inside!