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The Fat People... Are They for Real?



That's all I have to say.

Ew. Ew. Ew.

That's fucking gross. And disgusting.

Favorite quote though:

"Being fat is a challenge, but remember you are beautiful!"



What do you mean, 'are they real'?

As in, are fat people real?

Are the rashes real?

Or do you mean it an ambiguous slang term?

With that said, at my peek weight I would get these rashes, and they are incredibly, incredibly painful. Also, for whatever reason, when I was a kid (not really overweight, didn't have any folds) I was highly sensitive to these rashes, and I would get them completely in my armpits and around my neck, and it would hurt so bad I would lay in my bed sobbing with icepacks all around me.

Also, why is it that every issue with fat people is funny? You do realize that some individuals, due to things out of their control, such as necessary oral steroids to deal with severe breathing issues (as I had growing up) will cause a person to put on huge amounts of weight, with their only option being thin/ in pain or overweight/able to function.

Maybe a visual will go a long way: http://www.visualdxhealth.com/adult/intertrigo-signsAndSymptoms.htm


I don't understand why they put up with this and just find more creative ways of being fat instead of fixing the ACTUAL problem of being fat.

Studies have shown that fat people can lose fat.


wow another "I hate fat people" thread

it's like there is one brain on here and it is stuck on one thing and being passed around.


Did you see the open letter to physicians?

            Dear Doctor:

            Nothing personal, but few places are as unpleasant for a
            fat person to visit than a medical office. It isn't the
            tests, the poking and prodding, the cold speculum, the
            needles, or even that heart-stopping bill that keeps us
            away. And it isn't that we don't care about our health.
            It's you, your staff, and those narrow seats in your
            waiting room. Let's start at the top:

            When I place my health in your hands, it is my hope you
            will take my concerns seriously and will find some way to
            look past my size and beyond personal prejudices, if you
            have any. I am not asking you to marry me or even take me
            dancing . . . I am asking that you use your education to
            address any health problems I may be experiencing. Please
            listen to my concerns, then consider how you would test
            and treat these symptoms if I were not fat. Treat me with
            respect and I will return the favor.

            I am aware that some diseases may be related to or
            aggravated by being large, and I want you to help me
            avoid or deal with those. But don't expect superhuman
            attempts at starving myself to achieve an impossible goal.
            Please be realistic. Diets don't work . . . ask me, I've
            tried them all. Help me to be as fit and healthy as
            possible at any size.

            Subscribe to publications like Healthy Weight Journal to help keep             
            yourself up-to-date on the latest research
            and to Radiance or Rump Parliament to
            make yourself aware of issues I face that may affect my
            health. (Keep these magazines in your waiting room for
            the education of your patients and to show that you are
            size-friendly.) Request copies of informational brochures
            and other publications from Largesse or the National
            Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. (Of special
            interest are their pamphlets <em>Facts About Hypertension
            and the Fat Person, How to Weigh Your Supersize
            Patients, and Guidelines for Therapists Who
            Treat Fat Patients.) Become a part of finding
            solutions to problems encountered by your fat patients. 

            If I ask you for help controlling or changing my weight,
            offer your thoughts and suggestions. Alert me to health
            problems truly affected by weight . . . and be current
            with your information. Please don't hand me a low-calorie
            diet sheet and preach to me about self-control. Chances
            are good I've already heard it, tried it, and moved on.
            Unless you have good, solid evidence that a weight-loss
            treatment will work for me on a permanent basis, don't
            demand that I lose weight. You may become a part of my
            health problems by creating diet-induced diseases.

            Please drop the terms 
            morbid obesity and
            gross obesity from your vocabulary. They
            are offensive medical terms assuming disease. Not all fat
            people are sick . . . even fewer of us are morbid or
            gross. If you think I am either of these things, you are
            not the doctor for me.

            Please don't demand that I be weighed unless absolutely
            necessary. If there is a compelling reason to weigh me,
            make sure your scale is in a private area. And please don't
            use this opportunity to shame me, thinking you can drive
            me to weight loss through shame. (There have been
            instances of doctors or their staff making mooing or
            oinking noises after weighing a large patient.) Record
            the information, use it when necessary, and please keep
            the number confidential.

            When prescribing medications, make adjustments for dosage
            if necessary. Consider not only weight, but body mass

            When taking my blood pressure, use the appropriate cuff.
            A standard cuff can be used for arms up to sixteen inches
            in circumference. Larger cuffs are available and should
            be kept handy. If those cuffs are too small, take the
            reading using my forearm.

            Whatever you do, don't assume I am lying when we discuss
            my eating habits (or anything else). Some people who are
            fat have eating disorders and/or consume huge quantities
            of food. Research shows most eating disorders appear in
            people of moderate, if not downright low, weight. Most of
            us who are fat have lowered our metabolism through
            dieting to the point where even "normal"
            amounts of food can cause weight gain. Many people who
            are fat have been made to feel so guilty about eating
            anything beyond a dry salad they automatically admit to
            being "bad" when in truth they eat normally.
            Even fat people buy into some of the stereotypes. Recent
            studies have proven what fat patients have been saying
            all along . . . "I don't eat that much!"

            Your staff: Just as you wouldn't allow your staff to
            snicker about the color of a person's skin or the lack of
            mobility of any individual with a disability, please make
            certain the same courtesy is extended to all your
            patients. Remarks are often overheard when a doctor,
            nurse, or assistant thinks the patient is out of earshot.
            Prejudice is born out of ignorance; educate your staff
            and insist upon a professional manner at all times.

            Your office: Make your office comfortable, non-intimidating,
            and accessible. When choosing furniture, assume that many
            of your patients will be large . . . some may be more
            than 400 pounds. Choose sturdy chairs without arms. Make
            sure the cushions are firm and that the seat is not set
            too low to the floor. Few things are more embarrassing
            for the large person than trying to struggle up from a
            soft, low seat in front of others.

            Examining tables should be braced to keep them from
            tipping. The steps up to the table should be wide and
            sturdy. (While you're at it, can you do something to warm
            up those metal tables?) Doors should be wide, allowing
            easy access to examining rooms, offices, and bathrooms.

            Now . . . about those examination gowns. Get real! "Average"
            size people struggle to keep themselves covered while
            wearing them. It is difficult to have a serious
            discussion about health concerns when my most pressing
            problem is an overexposed backside. Gowns that fit up to
            size 10X are available; please keep some handy. I suspect
            many of your other patients would appreciate them as well.

            What I need from you is respect, professional concern,
            and your best medical advice . . . the very things all of
            your patients need. Given these conditions, I look
            forward to a long, healthy relationship with you.


this thread is useless without pics.



I wonder if he's done with his bulking phase?




that's what happens when you take bulking to far...


Yeah, listen, I'm not a bleeding heart by any stretch of the imagination, I'm a huge believer in taking responsibility for one's actions, but the tone of these anti-fat threads is incredibly superior.

Some people are interested in fitness and diet, and some people aren't. That simple. They aren't stupid, they just don't have the drive or determination to build their bodies or get lean. I am annoyed by the constant whining and search for a quick fix, but that's mainly because I'm a FFG.

Stop crucifying people for being fat. You aren't better than them.


Welcome to the internet.


i'm always down for a good fat-bashing thread

"oh you say you've tried everything have you? every workout and diet nutrition plan? how about the STOP-EATING-FUCKING-OREOS-DIET!?"



did any of you read that page? they have some good ideas for easing thigh chafing. plus my skin hates warm, humid weather and looks like they have some good ideas for dealing with that too.


Im sure the top of the home page once said "muscle building elitists"?
Edit: and i think we are better than fat people in pretty much everything, par a 'who is hardest to kidnap' competition.


I don't think I'd go as far to say "I'm better than fat people", but pointing out fat people's flaws and weaknesses (

) is hardly a way of convincing people they are just as good as everyone else.


Christ no, I'm way too hardcore for that


This kinda made me smile a little. :slight_smile:


I love you...


2nd. Shit is funny to me