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The Fastest Way to get Jacked - Long Term

Hey CT
What changes would you make to implement this style of training long term for fat loss to limit risk of burning out ? (I’m loving it that much after just finishing MMM Program I want to go longer than 6 weeks)
Have you/have thoughts on how the program would work in a surplus for muscle mass gains?
Thanks Coach!

I’ve implemented the work outs in a 4 day split. Instead of getting through the workouts in a week it takes a week and a half. It has 6 consecutive workouts. I’m currently doing this. It’s working out great. Recovery hasn’t been an issue. The first 2 weeks were hell because I was coming off a strength program into a bodybuilding one so it was a shock to the body. After that, I’ve been loving it

Monday: workout 1
Tuesday: wo 2
Thursday: wo 3
Saturday: wo 4
Monday: wo 5
Tuesday: wo6
Thursday: wo1

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Honestly I woudn’t do it long term, even in a surplus.

FROM EXPERIENCE … the programs you really LOVE in the short term always lead to burn out when you do them long term.


Thank you. I’ll enjoy the next two weeks then.
I might then switch to “success leaves clues” then, how would you modify that split to hit more quads in that program ?

I do mon-chest/bi, tue-legs, wed-shoulders/tri, Thur-off, Fri-back, sat-legs again( various stuff just to mix it up ). Some days I will ramp up to a heavy double or single on squat/bench or dead before doing the Dorian style sets. Lately I have been hearing a lot about BBstyle training for powerlifters, the funny thing is I have stopped the strength training, but just hit a lifetime PR deadlift of 240. Just goes to show how much those weak links hold you back!

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CT explained exactly what he did for training immediately after, when he was experiencing signs of fatigue.
I’d link it but I’m on my phone.