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The Fastest Way to get Jacked - Long Term


Hey CT
What changes would you make to implement this style of training long term for fat loss to limit risk of burning out ? (I’m loving it that much after just finishing MMM Program I want to go longer than 6 weeks)
Have you/have thoughts on how the program would work in a surplus for muscle mass gains?
Thanks Coach!


I’ve implemented the work outs in a 4 day split. Instead of getting through the workouts in a week it takes a week and a half. It has 6 consecutive workouts. I’m currently doing this. It’s working out great. Recovery hasn’t been an issue. The first 2 weeks were hell because I was coming off a strength program into a bodybuilding one so it was a shock to the body. After that, I’ve been loving it

Monday: workout 1
Tuesday: wo 2
Thursday: wo 3
Saturday: wo 4
Monday: wo 5
Tuesday: wo6
Thursday: wo1


Honestly I woudn’t do it long term, even in a surplus.

FROM EXPERIENCE … the programs you really LOVE in the short term always lead to burn out when you do them long term.


Thank you. I’ll enjoy the next two weeks then.
I might then switch to “success leaves clues” then, how would you modify that split to hit more quads in that program ?


I do mon-chest/bi, tue-legs, wed-shoulders/tri, Thur-off, Fri-back, sat-legs again( various stuff just to mix it up ). Some days I will ramp up to a heavy double or single on squat/bench or dead before doing the Dorian style sets. Lately I have been hearing a lot about BBstyle training for powerlifters, the funny thing is I have stopped the strength training, but just hit a lifetime PR deadlift of 240. Just goes to show how much those weak links hold you back!


CT explained exactly what he did for training immediately after, when he was experiencing signs of fatigue.
I’d link it but I’m on my phone.