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The Fast Food Song

The Fast Food Song by The Fast Food Rockers

I heard this song while I was over in Germany. It was in my head for 3 days! I highly recommend you look for it on the net. Better yet, look for the video!

Here’s their website http://www.fastfoodrockers.co.uk/index2.php

You might enjoy ‘Wesley Willis - Rock and Roll McDonalds.’ It’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.



It’s bad enough that we had to suffer the buggers in england but now it’s spreading to the rest of the world, please cull these people NOW.


That is my goal - to spread this song to the US!

DrStu, was that a big hit over in the UK?

It was pretty popular for a couple of weeks and they were on all the saturday morning tv show that we have over here and the song was played on the radio loads, got into the top 10 easily if i remember correctly, apart from the fit lasses there wasn’t much to them but they did have a new song out that i haven’t heard so it must have bombed. hopefully the next track will be B.I.N.G.O I love that song!

I can’t belive this song isn’t huge here. With the way this country is going, that should be our national anthem!

The 2nd single is “Say Cheese!”

Its crap… good lord. Those europeans have no taste.

Man, I just can’t bring myself to join their fan club to listen to it!

Mike, you can find it by using file sharing programs (if you ok with that!)

Here they are (no Hot Dog.)

No doubt about it…I’d hit 'em!

Well, not him, but…and that wasn’t intended to sound homophobic or anything…

What Mike, stretch plastic and freaky eyebrows don’t turn you on? What about the girl with anime calves on the right?


That guy has massive biceps.

Come on guys, at least post some T-worthy pics. Even if it`s one group member at a time. Eehhehe. Plastic uniforms can be deceiving!

Here’s another one.

i2ambler, you say that now. That song won’t leave your head. Soon, you’ll be addicted!