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The Fappening


Hahaha this shit is too good so apparently someone has hacked the apple icloud and leaked 100's of celebrity nude and dirty photos list includes Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, Alison Brie and heaps more hotties
Google the fappening


Welcome to two days ago dawg

Jibbing aside reddit's nofap community was hilarious on Sunday. So many commitments broken lol.


Hahaha that's hilarious.
Apatently jlaw donated a bunch of money to mens prostate cancer foundation, saying that the amount of fapping from her photos they need the support at the moment



Fapping with ejaculation helps to prevent prostate cancer. So I'm not sure I understand.

But then, I live in Thailand at the moment. I haven't had to masturbate in over a month.


My prostate is extremely healthy.


I dunno its Jenifer Lawrence I don't think she knows what she's on about


Links anyone?



Who's the actress with the bracelet tattoo?

Edit: Thanks mods!


^^Yikes! I thought they were just talking about nude pics not hardcore porn.


I think she was going for sporting more so than accuracy and she succeeded at her primary goal.


Ariana Grande I think is the one with the bracelet


Meh, jerking it to a nude scene or porno that someone knowingly and willingly produced for distribution is one thing.

This is more like hiding in the bushes outside someone's window and jerking it while they do their private business.

Seems really uncool and like a huge invasion of privacy.

I'm out, personally.


You bring up an interesting point. I would say that the harm to the actresses is already done; no amount of people looking at the pics increases the harm caused by the initial invasion of privacy.

I think it's up to the viewer now to determine how looking at the pics dovetails with their own morality.


Same here.


yeah it's a bit gross looking at someone's private photos.

Still kinda wish I'd seen them though...


The link is up there ^^^


Thanks Doc. Gave it a little looksie, don't actually know who like 80% of those chicks are, but it's always nice to see some tits, I guess.


Given the young age of many of them, I would not be surprised if some of these people in the pictures are under 18 at the time.

Good way to go to prison forever.


on a slightly related note: my sister works in a secondary school. Long story short, some 12 year old chick sent a boy in her class a video of her touching herself. Suprise surprise, the video got sent to pretty much everyone in the school.

Now all hell has broken loose because a load of kids have basically been distributing child pornography!


Delete the word "basically" and your sentence would be correct.