The Famous Testosterone T-Shirt

Here is a funny Testosterone t-shirt story for everyone in T-Land. So me and a friend just got done seeing American Outlaws on a Friday night, he suggested heading to a local bar to view all the beautiful scattered ass our city has to offer -and of course I said “Oh Yeah!” Not plannig for a night on the town I was wearing my shrunkenly tight Testosterone T-shirt. We chose a slightly upscale yuppie type bar as our choice for the evening. I became somewhat apprehensive about walking into the place wearing my Testosterone shirt. Not that I was ashamed to be wearing it. It was because 1)The dress for this place was typically button down Polo shirts, Khaki pants and Rolex watches 2) I am 6’6" 280 so i don’t exactly blend into a crowd anyway. But i sucked it up and approached the doorman, he looked at my ID and then looked up at my shirt, then me, and said “No trouble tonight O.K.?” I smiled and said yes sir to his fat ass and began to make my way through a very crowed place.

For a moment I thought i was going to be provoked into a bar brawl from some of the looks i was catching from everyone, and man I mean everyone.You would have thought I walked in with my dick taped to my forehead. I expressed my concerns to my friend, "Man these dudes are staring " and his response was “Yes, but so are the girls.” At this moment a Testosterone blue-glowing lightbulb began to hover over my head, and a devilish grin found its way to my face. I then realized what a great conversation piece i was wearing. Like magic every girl I stood next to at the bar would turn and say “Testosterone,huh?” and I would say “Yes ma’am, what do you think that means?” Just like that i was in a conversation with a good looking girl. This happened about five times. I got very familiar with several of the women that started conversation with me because of my Testosterone shirt and ended up with two phone numbers. It was a good night. As I exited the bar, some jackass said sarcastically “Hey, nice shirt.” I turned and stared down at him and his fatass, golf playing yuppie friends and replied “You’ve got a nice shirt too. I think a saw two others guys tonight with that exact same one.” His less than loyal buddies spewed Amstel light out of there noses laughing at him. I gave him a wink and made my way to my truck.

Moral of the story: the Testosterone T-shirt rocks! And makes for an interesting evening.

I’ve had the same reactions. I’m only 5’7", but a solid 195. Nothing like 6’6", 280 though. The guys always give you the looks, but so do the women. It’s kind of role reversal with the guys. It seems the men get catty and bitchy, while the women get smily and a little aggressive. To bad I have a wonderful, cool , hot tvixen type for a grilfriend already! she also finds the shirt interesting. I guess it looks like we’re saying , “You don’t want to f@#% with this!” Keep flying your colors proud, and let the estro boys get all pissy!

My friend, that was one of the most inspiring and purely beautiful stories posted up on this forum in months. We always seem to wreak havok when we show our T-filiation in public places, especially the white-pressed-polo community hangouts. Personally, I feel that pissing off the uppity yuppy (Latin name: Uppitus Yuppasserus) should be an Olympic event. I’m leaving. Lata.

"MB Eric: still doing these fucking things at the bottom of his post since 0017."


Hey, Alpha…I agree that “the Shirt” is awesome, but give YOURSELF some credit…you are 6’6" 280…and at that size, you can’t be bad lookin’…otherwise, you’d have the whole bar running for the exits! So…it sounds like YOU may be more awsome than than the shirt!(:)----!!!

Haha!! I love that story, that was great!

Maybe the shirt should come with a warning label. “Not responsible for the reactions of normal people when worn in public places.” Or “Wear at your own risk” I bet half the guys who saw that shirt, even the fat ones, will be looking for one the next time they hit the mall.

Nothing better than a T-gentleman. both class and body. keep up the good work. later pk

Awesome story! That was great! I’ve received similar reactions the few times I’ve worn my shirt in public. And the only reason I don’t wear it in public more often is because I’m too small and the shirts are a bit too big for me. Now, if T-mag had a medium, I’d be more willing to wear it out in public. But at my size, I’d only provoke problems as all the “bigger” guys would challenge me or say something negative.

Nate - we can start lobbying for mediums!!! i have a large, and it ‘fits’ but well, i’d fill out a medium much better. If t-mag isn’t going to make baby-t’s how about the regular t-shirt in medium??? please?

Yahoo! Mediums for us small guys and the ladies! Do it, do it, do it! I’d wear my Testosterone shirts all the time if they came in a medium! :wink:

You need a medium and I need an XXL. They always forget about the people who are not at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

As for other shirt sizes, just call us up at 800-525-1940 and we may be able to hook you up. I believe I’ve seen some other sizes besides L and XL.

FYI, we may be coming out with some special T-mag shirts soon. They will look quite different than the current shirt and the only way to get one is to be picked as the “Letter of the Month” or something similiar in the Reader Mail section of T-mag. Other than that, they won’t be for sale. I’m not sure when or if this is going to happen but I’ve asked the big bosses if I could do this.

I have ordered both XXL and XXXL shirts this summer. You have to call the ordering phone # and specifically ask for them. If the person on the line insists that they don’t have them, ask to be put on hold while they check. I had one friend who was told “well, if your friend has an XXXL shirt, I don’t know where he got it, but he didn’t get it from us”… quite simply, that’s bullshit and just an order-taker being lazy. Not all of them are like that, most are nice, if you are friendly and let them know that larger sizes do, in fact, exist, they can get them for you.

But yeah, smaller sizes would be nice (for my wife, not me)… at least until a more feminine shirt gets released in smaller sizes.

that was some funny shit.

Thanks for the input on the shirts. I will try to sweet talk someone the next time I call.

Alpha, I was thinking I’d have to go get myself a shrunken, tight fitting Testosterone shirt so I could do the same around here. But then I realized I’m about 6" shorter, and 80 pounds lighter.

I spend alot of time at the beach, and I know what you're talking about with the alot of guys getting kinda pissy.