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The Fall of Supplements


I have read from a few sources that a new "codex guideline" is coming to its last stages of voting. (from what I understand)This is not the ban on DHEA, but a band on just about ALL supplements and vitamin with high potency.It seems to be international. And already it looks pretty friggin' ugly.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?
Should we be stocking up now to avoid a bleak future?


Everyone read TCs rage against the machine and do as he asks, we can still prevent this.


All I care is about what it takes to overthrow it.

Tyranny will not end with the Codex and the republican regulation machine.

The rules have to be reversed and we need to take over.


We've had a bit of this discussion on here before about all of this. First, Codex is an international standard and honestly, the chances of it passing as U.S. law are fairly slim.

People like to get on the Bush administration for not playing nice with international treaties (Kyoto jumps to mind), however, that same disdain for other nations (esp. Europe) dictating how the U.S. runs itself as a nation makes me think this will not get too far. Plus, Orrin Hatch (who is a big supporter of the supplement industry which has a lot of weight in his home state of Utah) has too much clout to allow it to happen.

And before we begin the Republican bashing, keep in mind that the DHEA ban is sponsored by a Democrats. :wink:

But the vigilence must remain to avoid the chipping away by politicians (of ANY party) who are trying for some kind of public relations coup to "protect the kids" from "dangerous supplements".


Your partisan hackery on this makes just about anything you have to offer worthless.


you're right.


Ive had it with that side too.


By the way Im not offering anything.