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The 'F' Word


I apologize if this video has already been fucking posted before but I think it is a good fuckin' lesson for English and non-English speaking fuckers a-fucking-like.

Is the "F" word one of the most underrated root words in the English vernacular?

Fuckin' "A", right it is.


fuck off will ya :slight_smile:


I am hoping some of our more creative friends will show up and comment...I need some new colorful expressions.


That was magnificent!


Fuckin Fuck, you fuctarded fuckface. I fuckin hate your fuckin guts, Fuck you and go fuck your fucking mom. Fucker!

Tis truly a versatile word.



so my peers are evidently shocked into silent admiration of my linguistic prowess!
I knew it!


I adore the word fuck. It can be used in so many ways and it can appropriately describe how you feel about something.

I cannot view the video as I am at work.

Fuck work.


No, really guys, it's hackneyed. Get a vocabulary.


This is just the ironic sexist in me but I love when a really cute, innocent looking lady with a feminine voice uses the f word.

My wife actually says "F" instead of fuck -- as if it makes her sound more ladylike. I love it.


a few favorites:
fuck-tastic! - used when "fantastic" would be used sarcastically, but in a more celebratory tone. "really, I think it's fuck-tastic that you're getting back together with your ex, really!"

de-fucking-lectable - describing a particularly flavorful meal.

and there's always the phrase (coined by my little sister - I'm so proud):
spoken in a flat tone- "how about you go fuck yourself with a rusty iron implement, not originally intended for that purpose?"


What does a "flying fuck" look like?


mile-high club?


Come on guys lets keep the language civil and appropriate for all ages.

Or people will think we are just a bunch of motherfuckers with fucking huge muscles and fucking large egos. Who like to say the word Fuck!

FUCK is a fucking awesome word.

preach the Fuck, lol


I enjoy megafuck.


Clusterfuck has always been a fave of mine.

Aw, for fuck's sake!


I am partial to 'fuckwit'; as in, no shit, fuckwit!


I use clusterfuck in my soccer games when it seems that both teams are bunched up in one corner of the field.


One of my favourites.

Fuck-head and fuck-stick are also great.


"Fuck me!" is an extremely versatile phrase

Oh, and "get fucked." is perhaps the best way to tell anyone off.


...Some people, for some weird reason can always, ALWAYS manage to insert the f word in almost any sentence...

For example.

Shut your fucking mouth!

That was fucking awesome!

Holy fuck!

You're fucking retarded.

This is fucking gay...