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The EZ Whey !


Hey Everyone !

As many of you know, i have been prepping for a show here in florida and training my butt off. The only issue I have been having that is possibly holding me back from doing it is my financial situation. I would LOVE to experience a show outside of AZ and see what other states npc has to offer. Also, the DJC has a pro section as well, which would be a fun fun thing to watch and hang out at. Its a huge show with tons of vendors, media, etc.

heres the problem. I am in orlando and the show is in jacksonville. I thought I had a hotel situation figured out, but something happened and now i dont have a roomate. And theres no way right now i can afford 2 nights at the hotel. So i am asking you all a huge favor. I figured out that if I sell 20 or so cookbooks over the next 3 weeks, that would cover my hotel costs. If there is anyway any of you would like to help me out and purchase a cookbook for 12$ it would mean the world to me. My flax bread recipe was blogged about here recently on the site in Shugart'S Hammer.

Many of you have already bought the book, and hopefully are loving it. For those of you that haven't bought the book, I am sure you could get feedback from anyone on here that has. It would mean so much to me if you all could help me reach the stage at DJC.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding the EZ WHEY, please send me a PM .

Emily "EZ"


I'm sorry, but you've been here over a year with 9 posts. 2 of which in the past week.

Am I missing something, how does this make sense? "As many of you know, i have been prepping for a show here in florida"

My apologies if perhaps you post over at the FA forums under another name. Not trying to be mean here, just doesn't add up


i post on the FA forums every day, keep a journal there. just started posting here when Chris contacted me about using my recipe in the Hammer



I might be interested. Shoot only twelve bucks seems pretty reasonable to me!


thanks ! pm me your email addy


gotcha, my bad. The skeptic in me thought it was just another spamming attempt