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The Experiment

Hello, all. I’ve recently embarked on what I feel is a very well planned bulking cycle, and I’d like to present it so I could get the opinions of you fine people. I’ll begin with a basic description of where I was when I started. 20 years old, 5’ 7.5” and hovering between 182 and 186 pounds (depending on time of day and hydration levels I suppose) at 8% body fat.

Basically, it’s a six week bulking cycle during which I am using HST, since I’ve had great results from it in the past. I am using Finasol (Brock’s recipe) during all six weeks. Roughly 35 sprays of Androsol/Fina in the morning, and 35 sprays of Nandrosol/Fina at night. When time permits, I do a second coat of about 10-15 sprays if I feel I need it. Additionally, I will be using 3 separate 1 week Mag-10 cycles. These will occur during weeks 2, 4, and 6. I use a full 24 hour frontload for each of these Mag-10 weeks. The idea is to let the slower acting fina act as a weeklong frontloader for the Mag-10.

The diet is pretty simple. I started out at roughly 200 kcal above what I have (through JBs formulas and my own experience with tweaking them to fit me) determined to be my maintenance calories, or 3500. Then, I bumped up 100-150 kcal per day for the first week on Finasol, giving my body a chance to adjust. By the time I hit my first Mag-10 week, I was eating 4500 calories, and during that week I bumped them up 200-300 per day, topping out at 6000 before I started dropping them slightly.

I have modified my HST program slightly, as well. For those of you who know the program, my six weeks will look like this: 12s, 10s, 8s, 8s, 5s, 10s. So, again, I will be using Finasol during all six weeks, and Mag-10 during both weeks of 10s and my second week of 8s. I set it up this way so that I stay in my hypertrophy range almost the entire time. I dip into the “strength” range briefly, but I think I placed the 5s well as it should help me grow strong enough to (with the help of the androgens) blow past any predetermined 10 rep maxes, and hopefully cause obscene amounts of growth.

My exercise selection is geared towards growth, as well. I am using: Med-X rotary calf machine (amazing machine. Huge gains in the past), barbell hack squat, Stiff Leg Deadlift, incline dumb bell bench press, pull up, bent over row, dip, overhead dumbbell press, cable side raise, barbell curl, close grip bench press, barbell shrug, incline supine hammer curls, bent over cable fly.

Now…this is not the exact order of exercise (I change it occasionally) but I do it in a circuit fashion. I do one complete circuit of all movements, then a second abbreviated circuit which will contain only half the exercises. Usually hack squat, SLDL, DB bench, etc. The movements in the second circuit will vary slightly. For instance, if Monday I do pull-ups in my second circuit, Wednesday I’ll do bent over rows. The type of curl I use will also change occasionally. Also, during my first circuit, I use a 30 degree incline on the DB bench, whereas during the second circuit I use a 50 degree incline. Occasionally I will ditch a second set of barbell hack squats and jump on the leg press, which I superset with leg extensions.

That is, obviously, a M/W/F workout. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I do 1 set of each of the following: flat barbell bench press, seated calf raise, leg curl, seated row, reverse curl, and bent over reverse fly for rear delt. For these, I do no more than 8 reps, usually with just under my 8 rep max. This is just to take advantage of the enhanced recovery ability that the androgens allow me.

Anyway, I am also using some other supplements. In addition to Finasol and Mag-10, I am also using Surge for post workout. I have a friend who works at a supplement store, so I get pretty good deals and a lot of free samples. So, because of that, I also have a lot of Pinnacle stuff. Therefore, pre-workout, I use Androstat 100 poppers. Seems to be working well. I also have a 2.5 week supply of Alpha Dopa Growth Poppers. These I am using during my second week of 8s and only week of 5s. Hopefully, if they do what they claim, the slightly raised GH levels will help me increase strength further. Additionally, I have 9 of those Testraden-ADP transdermal testosterone patches. Not sure what I’m going to do with them, but I may throw them on for a week or so after my cycle ends, just to keep levels up. (They’re a diol, but it may not hurt. Who knows? They were free.) I am also taking ZMA, a good multi vit/min. Additionally, I throw 5g of glutamine and 5g creatine in all of my shakes. (I have 2-3 per day.)

For recovery, I’ll be using 4 weeks of Tribex and M, as well as 3.5 weeks of Methoxy-7 (I will start the Methoxy-7 half-way through my last week of Fina/Mag-10. At some point I’ll use my last bit of 4-ad, which should last about a week. After a month of maintenance, I’ll begin to cut using Methoxy, old T-2, and MD6. If I have any Finasol left, which I think I may, I’ll use that to cut as well.

The fina/Mag-10 cycle will end on the 28th of August, the day before I leave for school.

As of this writing, I am 195lb at 10% body fat. I think it’s creeping up to 11% or so because my abs are getting harder to see. I hope to gain about 5 pounds this week on Mag-10, maybe a little more. We’ll see, though. Please, any comments or suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks in advance, friends.


Trev - I don’t have much to say other than good luck and keep us posted how you do. You’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into this program. I just hope you’ve got some money left to buy all the food you will need :slight_smile:

Thanks for finally putting hte whole thing up, when you told me the entire process over the phone my brain started glazing over. Now I can print it out. Yee Haw. Oh, and since I know you’re a fan of the phrase, it seems you’re gettin’ f’n hyoooooge! Lata.

MBE: “Dominating Brazilian BBQ’s with Trev since 1603.”


Jason - thanks for the well wishes; I’ll definitely keep you updated. As for the food, lets just say I’m not turning down any dinner invitations to family functions.

MBE, hope ya enjoy =) We'll speak soon, bro.

This cracked me up. You are truly obsessive in your planning, just like most of us here. I think the program sounds good, but don’t be rigid. Try to stay flexible and adjust it as you go if necc.
Now I gotta know, where is everyone still getting their Androsol?
I thought they stopped making/selling it.
I did pretty well (from 218lbs up to 241lbs)
on my recent eight bottle MAG10 (2xDay)Cycle (with Tribex&M interspersed appropriately). But this was a little too expensive for me to repeat any time soon.
18 Months ago I had better, and less expensive results on my homemade Finasol (sprayed on) concoction (went from 208lbs up to 237lbs).
Any tips to help me find the old spray bottles would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

“Obessesion is merely the single-minded devotion to a cause.” I found that somewhat appropriate. MBE, anytime.

My ‘obsessive’ comment was meant to be both a compliment to you on your thoroughness as well as a playfull good-natured jab at myself and all of us who go to such elaborate lengths for what basically ammounts to a hobby, albeit a very worthwhile one.
A while back, my fiance, (a fitness competitor) made me sit through “Best in Show” on ‘her’ video night. Seeing these foo-foo dog show people get so obsessed with little ‘Muffy’ and ‘Tootels’ gave me a whole new perspective on how out of whack people can get when it comes to a lifestyle or hobby they cherish. It’s even more pronounced when a person has a similarly involved partner fully supporting their lack of healthy perspective on their obsession of choice, (i.e. religion, constant recreational drug use, dog shows, body building, etc.) I have an obsessive personality. Still, I pride myself on my discipline and ability to maintain focus where others give in or change course. I’m also sure that by merging my life even further with my also obsessive, T-lifestyle-wife-to-be, we will only increase our lack of perspective on things, and I really look forward it. But next March, when we make our 3rd yearly pilgrimage to The Arnold Classic, I think we’ll both be humorously and painfull aware of how similar we are to those dog show freaks.
Now Trev, or anyone else, where the heck can I get some Androsol?

Dutch, thanks for the compliment, and it sounds like you havea fine relationship on your hands. Congratulations =)

As far as the Androsol is concerned, I think it should still be available at certain on-line retailers. You can try netrition.com, vitamus.com, and dpsnutrition.com Those are some of the more reliable one's I've tried. Hope this helps.