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The Expendables


I'm not sure if word of mouth has spread about this action orgy, but this is going to be an awesome movie. Nothing but action-packed fun with Sly Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, and a host of others. Pretty much an action junkie's wet dream.


They had to call this The Expendables because apparently the title " Most bad ass piece of awesome that has ever hit the Motherfucking screen" didn't test well.


I read some info on that movie awhile back and I'm looking forward to seeing it. It almost has the feel of an 80's action film like Predator or Commando, probably because it's going to be in South America and not the Middle East.


Apparently theres gonna be a cameo from Arnold as well....


I think the only guy from the 80's not in this movie is Van Damme, and thats only becaues he turned down the role that eventually went to Dolph.


"Stallone leads the crew, which includes Randy Coture, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Jason Statham. Supporting players include Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cotureâ??s UFC opponent Nogueira (and Nogueiraâ??s brother) are also in the film, as minor henchmen."



Fuck Statham. He blows.

Terry Crews...now that guy is fucking awesome.


Yeah. At the end, when all the other guys are down on their knees about to be executed by some guerrilla leader, Arnold bursts in covered in baby oil, smoking two monster stogies, and single-handedly fucks shit up for 15 minutes of the greatest television ever conceived. Then, after he's finished, he B's his L all over the other guys faces and proceeds to monologue "The greatest feeling you can get in the jungle, or the most satisfying feeling, is the pump..."


Explain yourself sir.


Stone Cold Steve Austin? Randy? Nougera? Hahaha this flick is gonna be the shit!


Can we be friends?


I saw no Vin Diesel!


we want Vin
We want Vin
We want Vin




They wrote out Brittany Murphy's character, and added in a role for Bruce Willis.

This will be, the greatest movie, of all time.


No we don't
No we don't
No we don't


I want me some Carl Weathers! Shit aint no movie complete without Action Jackson!


Definitely looking forward to this one. Although, I still am perplexed as to why Van Damme turned this one down. Most of his movies are straight to video, he could have been on a major box office hit.


Vin is confused


This movie will be better than an injection of testosterone. Boys will come of the cinemas with hair on their chest and start bench pressing cars.



We have people calling for Vin Diesel to be in this movie but at the same time people hating on Jason Statham?


Fucking really?

Some of you guys need to get your shit straight. Vin Diesel is a bad actor who plays cocksucker roles. Statham was in the greatest two action movies made to date: Crank an Crank 2.