The Exercise You're Not Doing Enough

Make your back feel awesome and build your grip strength with this simple exercise.

It’s deadlift day and your back hurts and your grip is giving out before anything else. How do you solve both problems without a lot of extra work or set-up time?

You do the hang. Yep, it’s as easy and as simple as it sounds. You just need to start hanging on stuff.

When you perform a hang you’re strengthening your grip and allowing “distraction” to be placed on your lower back. While hanging, you can get a great stretch through the lats and work on your shoulder mobility simultaneously. Perform hangs after deadlifts or squats so that your spine can decompress.

Try out some of the hanging variations below to increase your grip strength, enhance your mobility, and provide some relief to your spine:

Hanging Lat Activation

Hanging Shoulder Circles

This one is great for shoulder mobility.

Single Arm Hang

This one is great for grip strength.

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