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The Exercise Field

Does anyone work in the exercise or nutrition field? Are their any lucrative occupations within this realm? Is it worth it to get advanced degrees in exercise, training, or nutrition?


Yes, there are lucrative fields, but most of the time you’ll have to do them by yourself. There are some facilities that you can be a trainer or nutritionist in, but more often then not, you’ll have to start your own company.

Also, I think it might depend on where you live: if you live in a place that has little or no desire for health or fitness, then you probably won’t make much money. Places like the East and West coasts, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona are areas that have more interest in fitness and nutrition (and larger populations), so you’d probably be more successful there then someplace like Louisiana, which has the highest obesity and diabetes morbidity rates in the country.

I would always suggest getting higher degress in exercise physiology, nutrition or anything similar. I have been fortunate to have been able to move to Southern California and get my MS in Ex Phys, and it has been the single best thing for me. I’ve gained more knowledge, experience and opportunities in two years then I ever had back home.

Therefore, good luck in the future, get as much education and training as possible, and if you can’t find someplace that has a lucrative opportinity, make one for yourself.

I studied ex phys as an undergrad, but since it isn’t like you open the paper and see, “Exercise physiologist wanted”…I am going to grad school for PT.