the evils of soy

I just read the article on the evils of soy. This is very informative considering I’ve been drinking the stuff for almost 2 years now. I’ve been getting bad sinus infections since I was a kid (I’m 25 now). I went to see a naturopath and she told me that regular milk was causing a large portion of the problem (because milk is a mucousy substance it is great breeding ground for infections). She told me to try soy milk instead. My sinus infections have decreased significantly since then. But I definitely don’t want to destroy all my good man qualities to decrease my sinus infections. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I use the soy milk to mix with my protein and MRPs. I drink about 24 oz a day. Is that enough to cause a problem. My wife takes 6 oz in the morning with her protein. thanks

DITCH the soy milk and mix your whey and casein MRP’s with WATER.

What Heb said.

Also, didn’t the doctor say you could just drink skim?

“Milk is for baies, I drink beer”. Arnold, Pumping Iron.

Milk is mucousy and a breeding ground for infection? Are you snorting it and holding it up there for hours? I’m absoluely amazed and the kind of crap people spew and get paid for AND the people who go to see these people. It should be a crime.