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The Evil Scot and Dave Tate





The Evil Scot Alwyn Cosgrove working with Dave Tate on re-hab.

Interesting, especially the tests and the programme debate.

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This is very cool.


That IS pretty cool.


Thanks for the tip. Very, very informative stuff.


Good stuff they put together isn't it? Although a lot of us are not powerlifters, I guess everyone can learn a lot from DT's lesson.

It would be selfish if not sharing.

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Very cool that you posted that. I was just reading it the other day. The funny thing was that I found the introductory part of it to be the most interesting section. It was fascinating to think that an elite powerlifter like Dave Tate could get big squat and deadlift numbers without his glutes firing at all.

Also, the part about his son really puts a lot into perspective. Somewhat heartbreaking to read that part.


Yeah Kuz, I was thinking about that too. It suppose to be somewhat funny when DT talks about Joe and AC's comments on his "sleeping" glutes during the test, but I wasn't laughing. It almost scares me when I see that DT's body has become so disfunctional (on everyday's matter not PL, that is).

I am not, by any means, making fun on DT's problem - I have a martial art background, and making fun on DT's problem would be like laughing on someone who got a broken arm from a fight.

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Oh, I hear you GB. It was an interesting, but sobering read. I kept thinking that as much as I respect Dave Tate (and I think he is a very bright guy, excellent writer and one helluva strong mofo), I could not imagine being committed to a sport that could wreck my body to the point of potentially prevent me from enjoying time with my kids (or my nephew in my case) or... God forbid... prevent me from jumping into a lake to save him if he fell in. That part was chilling.



The first post has just been edited as the 2nd phase of Dave Tate's Re-hab has been added. Enjoy the reading.

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Thanks Geekboy for these articles.

Tonight's training was a constant battle with my fierce mind wanting to go hard all the time. Thus, this thread became my choice for tonight.

From my experience of recovering from a debilitating injury, what became my greatest belief was the human body's ability to heal itself if given the proper environment in nutrition, care, and gentle applications. From biology, each cell has a powerplant aided by project managers in charge of different processes of input and output. Each cell has intelligence. What needed to change was the mental, abusive habits I developed that lead to the injury in addition to proper physical treaments.

The mind in conjunction with the body can do wonders for healing. Because of my immobility, I was humbled from the crippling injury and decided to treat my body with respect instead of constant yelling and screaming.

Dave Tate mentioned egos and needing to step outside the box. This has been my expeience also. There is a quieter, gentler, loving way to train without undue pressure and stress on the body. I still continue to improve and enjoy my sports well into my thirties.

I find Dave Tate's honesty to be profound and realize what a magnanimous person he must be. My initial reaction was how dangerous powerlifting can be but upon reflection and questioning, I've nothing to fear if I move slowly to learn about my body in minute details.

Ultimately, every single injury is a chance to learn about me and to develop into a better person because I've only one life on this earth.

(Basically, these elitefts articles reverberated something within me.)