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The evil MCA

Just looking at cyberflex a site that sells Biotest supps to us UK ppl and I noticed a heading…

“The Following Supplements have just been BANNED by the MCA. Classed as Steroids…”

And I Dooooooooooooon’t beleive it Tribex 500 and other tribulus supplements are in the list. (maybe its some cunning to plan to shift some supps quick but I doubt it)

I’m just off to thank the MCA for safeguarding my health, Utter Retards.

I’d love to see the research that helped them decided that Tribex was unsafe for ppl of the UK. Strangly Androsol wasn’t listed.

Seems like the power went to someones head :frowning:

I also buy my supps at cyberflex and was a bit miffed about the MCA bans. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before they ban Mag-10. And I don’t know what reasons they can think of to ban Tribex-500. Retards indeed.

It seems the oral prohormones have been banned too. I was surprised by the tribex ban as it is 100% natural. Tribex and the AST trib product have been banned, but no other product containing trib has, so what are they saying? If they are banning tribex because it works in increasing testosterone then surely the ones that were not banned must be worthless. The MCA thinks testosterone is evil. Having said that cyberflex are still selling the stuff so stock up. BTW MD6 was also banned.

I expect they only list the bans of supplements they sell. I can hardly believe it :frowning: we’ll be like that country that can only buy Vit C in dosages of ~100mg soon :I