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The Everything about Racism Thread


This thread is dedicated to those who wants to discuss everything that has something to do with
racism, be it black racism, white racism, jewish racism, muslim racism, latino racism, systemic racism, history of racism, racism from a sociological point of wiew, racism from a criminological point of wiew, racism from a economical point of wiew etc. If you want to excuse racism or if you want to hate on racism, this is the thread for you.

Some opening questions to get the discussion going:

  1. who of the etnich groups are most racist?

  2. Is systematic racism true?

  3. Is the public more sensitive about racism towards blacks and jews then whites and arabs?

  4. Is racism just about race?

  5. Are racism a natural part of the human species or is it a cultural phenomonen?




Systematic? Have no clue.


Fear of people different than you.

I don't know.


Have you ever even seen a person of another race??

  1. Everyone not from your tribe. I think this is biological programming at work, which is instilled at a young age. Go to a playground, and most kids are playing with each other. It is adults who program the kids to lean one way or another as to who to side with.

  2. Unknown.

  3. No, each group is an equal opportunity hater. I don't think any single group is more racist than another, none that I can think of at least. I think the media does pick and choose what it wants to show which creates a bias.

  4. No, not just about race. It could be religious, socio-economic, political, the haterade runneth deep.

  5. Yes. This is a biological instinct IMO. You see this with immigrant communities who flood a particular city and take root there.


You mean like Catholics?!?!?!?

Come on Pat LOL!!! That was funny.


Are you saying that the term race is questionable?, if so I agree with you. I dont
see the benefit to classify humans in different races, Its to easy to miss use.

Or are you asking if I have seen another person of another "race" ( skincolor, cultural background etc ), Then yes I have actually lived six months togheter with two iranian brothers. And later I have lived togheter with eastern europeens.


I do not believe its biological its people wanting to be comfortable with what they know. And it has to do with ignorance and laziness(stereotypes) and to say anything else is just false.


Ask the white EMT/paramedic father of two kids beaten to a coma by Latino gangbangers at a Dodger game a few weeks ago.


Absolutely no doubt about this. I am around black children all the time. I am big, bald with a beard and white as the wind driven snow. They think I'm their uncle. They want me to carry them all around and hug and kiss all over me. They want me to see their arts and crafts and they tell me EVERYTHING that's going on in their lives. I can't read their minds, but they don't even seem to notice that I'm white at all. All they know is that their parents and I call each other brother (and sister) and treat each other accordingly.


I think this is situation-specific. What country are you talking about? 100 years ago in the US I would have said that whites were probably the most racist. Now I would say blacks or hispanics.

Right now in the United States, the only ethnic group that is legally discriminated against are whites, so I would have to say that there is some sort of systemic racism in that sense. There is also a definite effort to undermine white European cultural and ethnic traditions and to force integration onto them. In terms of systemic racism in general, racism is a natural part of racial tension and conflict and is present in all multiracial societies to some degree. However, there is very little evidence for systemic racism of the kind promoted by racial liberals, i.e. racism that is propagated by most whites that is keeping down minorities.

Oh absolutely, although I think that they're sensitive to Arabs as well.

Not sure I understand the question, but I would say that racism is due to race, yes, and not a socially taught phenomenon.

Well, culture and race are very closely linked. But, yes I believe that racism is a natural part of the human species. Most of the major clashes in history have been ethnic, cultural, racial, religious, or linguistic clashes.


So, your saying that dude is gonna be distrustful of Latino's from now on? Oh come on thats just redonkculous. And if thats the case thats his own fault for being a ignorant ass, they were gangbangers that is the issue at hand not whether or not they were latino's. And making it into anything else is wrong.



meh. you need to start with some basic stuff. like "what is racism" etc.



hope I doesnt come across as ignorant, but I havent heard about torleif ebbe.


Yes, truly Redonkculous...

The man was jumped from behind, beaten even while he was down, landed in a coma, and now has a portion of his frontal lobe removed to accommodate for the swelling in his brain.

And with all due respect, fuck you...

Was he was an ignorant ass because he thought security would help him?

Should ANYONE feel threatened taking their kids to a baseball game?

Are there any other gangbangers who attend Dodger Games who aren't Latino? No, you clearly are not familiar with both the city of Los Angeles and the inhabitants who live near Dodger Stadium. It was once called Chavez Ravine, we now call it Chavez Latrine.

If you are not familiar with this situation and all that surrounds it (which you clearly aren't), you should not be commenting on it and you DEFINITELY should not be calling ANYONE an ignorant ass.

BTW, just so you know, had it been you being jumped FROM BEHIND BY NUMEROUS GANGBANGERS, I would STILL jump in and help you. You, the guy who likes to call people ignorant asses.


This might be the single most ignorant thing I have ever read on PWI (and THAT is saying something) It's his fault for being jumped by two mexican gang bangers? Really?

You need to go play in traffic.


Hes was a norwegian zoologist who described the pecking order, I thought he would the kind of person the norwegian teaching establishment wants to present as a rolemodel to norwegian youth, after Bjoern Daehlie of course :slightly_smiling: Maybe they told you but you have forgot?


Maybe I forgot, but I went to the steiner school( waldorf school ) and not public school. I guess maybe we had a bit different set of rolemodels than the ones presented at public school.


Ah, good old Rudolf, I bet you did.


Hate to say it but when you go into the the highest crime area's, It's blacks and Latino's!!! I delivered Pizza when I was around 20 years old into a predominantly Black neighborhood I was called all kinds of names!!! Until I went to an older couples house who was very nice and they were the one's who experienced real Racism when they were young!!! Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al sharpton don't help matters either