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The Ephedra Drama Queen

Did ANYONE besides me see the “Ephedra Drama Queen” on the Evening News “testifying” before a senate sub-committee about all she went through because of Ephedra?

This is no exaggeration: she went from paranoia to “hearing divine voices”. There were days she thought that she was going to die or that she was going to kill herself. It was UNBELIEVABLE!

Then the pompous head of the committee went on to say something along the lines of: “Do we need anymore evidence that this stuff is dangerous? You heard the testimony! The NFL has banned it (cha’…to keep some yahoo like your “Drama Queen” from blaming all her life’s ills on Ephedra and somehow blaming them); the Olympics have banned it! (Yea…the bastion of all that is true, right and pure)”. Again…it was all just UNBELIEVABLE!

Are we going to go through this ridiculous crap with every supplement, until we have nothing available to us but Soy Shakes and Flintstones Vitamins?

I have to tell you…it scares me…

It scares me too. People are making decisions on emotion and not cold hard facts. People should be educated about something before they are allowed to speak about it. No telling what they are going to ban next.

We’re an island of T-men in a huge sea of pussified ‘victims.’ The latest status symbol is to be ‘victimized’ by things like ephedra…etc. Dumb bitches like the Drama Queen should take some fucking responsibility for themselves instead of having Big Brother govt do the thinking (ban it all!!!) for her. We’re becoming a nation of whining pussies…

“People are making decisions on emotion and not cold hard facts.”

Liberalism defined.

I like ephedra. I’ve used it (250mg) before every hockey game for the last 2 seasons and I am fine. Really gives me an extra boost that keeps on coming, even 2 hours after a game. Fuck stupid people, fuck them in their stupid asses.

its bs. its all in these peoples heads… they read the label look at the possible sides and claim they have them. You could give themm all the ephedra in the world, tell them it was something diffrent they wouldn’t kno…its absolutley ridiculous in my oppinion.

She probably wasn’t following the directions on the label either. In most ephedra supplements, it is recommended to start off with one capsule and work your way up. Now if she started hearing voices in her head, then there’s something wrong with her, and ephedra is NOT to blame. My guess is she was hired by some pharmaceutical rep to bitch in front of the senate with erroneous facts and details.

REEFER MADNESS strikes again

A reliable GNC manager had talked to an ephedra dealer who knew some people in FDA and some other important places and asked him what was going to happen with the ephedra ban. The dealer said “Not a damn thing.” Don’t know how realiable that dealer is.

Shit like that should be put through court with the legal rules rewritten based on hte scientific method of research and knowlege. Do we have any people oin high places who can stop this insanity. Banning boxing is another issue. Who the bloody hell has got the right to tell me I cant consentingly get my head punched in. If the powers that be are that concerned about public health they should ban smoking or inactivity. Health insurance should be dealt on basis of activity and lifestyle…, and lack of stupidity.

There was a girl in my physiology of sport class here at college that tried to tell me that ephedra is going to be the “next cocaine.” She called it death in a bottle. I basically told her (embarrassed her) in front of the class that she might as well call cigarettes death in a pack and alcohol death in a can or bottle. Both of those are legal and both have to be used with caution - And, of course, if they are not, the user will suffer the consequences. Needless to say, the fucken ho shut up.