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The Environment and Politics

Serious question:

Trump continues to roll-back environmental regulations…and these are many that go back 50 years or more (so it’s not just “Obama” regulations).

I have many Conservative friends and colleagues who worship the outdoors and nature…from fishing and hunting…to rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, hiking, dirt biking in the mountains…you name it.

My question is how did environmental protection somehow become a “liberal” issue?

As always…I welcome your thoughts…

As soon as that commie Teddy Roosevelt (the original RINO) started the national park service.

At least the announcement occured in front of TR painting /irony font/.

Do you think much of the drilling and pipline prohibitions were attempts to counteract car and electrical generation pollution, instead of the damage they cause at the time of, ie running the pipeline.

Valdez type failures aside, there are a zillion pipelines running all over Texas. Many are virtual wildlife preserves with normal ecosystems.

I am not trying to excuse strip mining, non responsibilty for pollution into air/water, etc.

Sorry didnt really answer the question re ‘liberal’.

  1. Conservatism no longer exists. All mainstream “conservatism” is purely about financial gain.

  2. Environmentalism fits the Left and “liberals” as it is about increasing Government control of everything from your taxes to what you eat. It also fits the notion of oppression of the poor and exploitation by the rich perfectly.


Didn’t notice the picture of Teddy Roosevelt in the background!

Since these things are staged sometimes to the most minute detail…I wonder what the message was?

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The systematic pushing of GOP message that all regulations are bad regulations.



Plus the fact that Democrat candidates have largely sworn off contributions from fossil fuel industries. (though this is too recent of an occurrence to figure as prominently)

In any event, this is a good recap/running tally:


Pres Bush was perceived as an oil Baron who messed up terribly after Hurricane Katrina. So Republicans were associated with fossil fuels, climate change denial and trashing the environment. Drill Baby Drill!

Al Gore tried to warn us then President Obama took steps to save us by limiting fracking and blocking pipelines. This linked the Democrats with high fuel prices and stifling the economy to protect the environment.

President Trump came out hard against those policies, pushing the idea that doing away with these regulations would create jobs. Hilary kinda played into his hands talking about her policies putting coal miners out of work.

The Green New Deal, almost defying Trump “claims” environmental protection as a liberal issue.

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Godless people who worship money. The irony of course, is that they claim to be the party of God.

Protecting God’s creation, including other humans, is somehow liberal and evil. You would think democrats actually believe they might have to answer to a higher power one day.

Oh shut up. It’s too early in the year for a religion pivot. Just talk about BP.

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It’s about hypocrisy.

It didn’t. At least not in the same parts of the country.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree we don’t want pollution, we like clean air, and we’d rather our kids grow up in an environment with animals and shit to see. Like, I’ve never even met a “climate change denier” who was like “screw nature man, I don’t care about pollution or preserving nature for my kids”…I think it was said above but I’m wondering if this is about staging a “all regs are bad regs” play.

It’s shitty regardless.

This thread is going to take exactly 15 milliseconds to jump the shark and/or wreck hideously…


Republicans take a not in my backyard approach.

I’m agreeing, @Aragorn

But haven’t industries…(and individuals for that matter)…proven that for the most part they are terrible at “self-regulation”?

I’m afraid that if left to our own devices; the things that you mentioned would be virtually non-existent.


Oh yeah for sure.

My point is that for the sane areas of the country it’s more a difference in how they want to do it than whether they want it done, with a few psychos thrown in here and there.

But then there’s Trump…

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But I’ve even seen otherwise “sane” people stick their fingers in their ears; flap their hands; and say “LA, la, la” when it comes to Environmental Regulation as if it was some boogie-man; (even worse, “liberals”); out to deprive us of our basic rights and freedoms.

I see a lot of “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

Mention “green” or “environment” and people seem to almost immediately conjure up this image of nasty haired, tree-hugging/dope smoking hippies…or of AOC…

The truth is that Environmental Regulation ultimately benefits us all, both Conservative and Liberal.

Since when has republican policy ever considered what is best for all? You’re talking about a party that tries to reconcile Christianity and Ayn Rand.

Environmental regulation increases the price of things (fuel, energy, timber, food, etc) at least in the near term. Americans, and people in general are VERY flexible with their morals if it affects their pocketbook.

Hence the reason why govt enforced regulation exists. People will not do the right thing until forced to do so… Whether by the govt, or by catastrophe.

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Neither did I, what a shame.

Way old republican party - nothing in the last at least 60 years.