The End of Women’s Powerlifting?

Just wait till they come for you as wokeism and cancel culture need to constantly shift the goal posts in order to keep feeding the machine. MLK would not have been woke enough by today’s standards.


Change doing to teaching. Teaching is a skill unto itself.

Malcolm X would have been perfect for the present time.

He would have needed to include black liberals with white liberals.

Again? This has always been “their” purpose. They’re puppets.

Huh? I guess, if “conservative” is a relative term, that’s possible. Taking 99% of income in income taxes would probably give us a lot of “conservatives” wanting only 80%.

What do you think defines someone as “really transgender”? If any sort of objective standard existed then the whole topic would be pretty much moot.

If I had to guess, a vanishingly small percentage of the population that poses a far greater risk of becoming a strawman that leads to the assault and harassment of trans people trying to piss than of actually molesting anyone.

How often do you think this actually happens?

Sure, assume away.

It just did. My pronouns are She/Her.

As some here might know already, my mom’s first language is Spanish. She is in her 70’s. She didn’t hear of Latinx until last year and said, “it sounds stupid.”


Is your name Angela now?

No, it’s still Andrew. I’m not going to change my name, what I wear, my testosterone levels or my equipment.

Oh cool, I just took the California State record for unequipped deadlift, and I weigh less than the lady in first place!

Looks like I’d take 11th place in Squats and likely first in Bench.

Deadlift: 495x5
Bench: 305x7
Squat: 405x3
I’m liking this new league.

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Congrats on coming out, proud of you <3

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She sounds like a racist. The Latinks love being called Latinks.


Biology. Just as being gay isn’t a choice; one is born that way.

I didn’t even need this confirmed; it was too obvious.

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I know I can’t question this but, as with many things that can’t be questioned, it sort of begs the question…

Not that it matters to me. My political beliefs don’t require me to believe that a thing be genetic(or whatever) in order to be permitted.

Has homosexuality ever been proven to be something one’s born with?

Also, there seems to be something seemimgly few consider. Something can be not by choice and not inborn.


Yeah… remember when the antonym for “thin” was “fat” instead of big, heavy, curvy, full-figured, etc?

More than proven: people feel that it’s so.

Also: can you prove it’s NOT?


What do you mean? You think having an abusive or absent father could have an influence on what hole you want to stick your dick in? A mom raising a boy like a girl could make that boy effeminate and possibly influence his desires?

That would be like a guy choosing to marry an unattractive or fat girl because that’s what he could get—-just doesn’t happen.

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I think Andrew is his name…


Well, maybe they’d have time to make those TikToks if racists would just let men use the potty with women.

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