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The End of the Beginning

^Link to last log that has links to former logs.

Military Wife of 15 years
2 children(10-boy almost 5-girl)

For the past 5 years I’ve been in the trenches battling this special kind of hell- AKA- Hypothyroidism-
only NOW beginning to understand more, getting proper care for it and getting MY LIFE BACK!!!
Thinking back though, I believe I’ve been dealing with this disease longer than I imagine.
I’d guess shortly after my son was born.

My focus is getting/staying healthy, which includes a plethora of stuffs, so I can be the best Betty, Wife, Mommy, and Friend I can be!

Thanks for all your continued support <3

Yay new log!

What a cotton-picking minute…I thought the new log was going to be called “Break-Through”…that’s it…I’m calling my Congressman.

Yay! New log & a happier MiMsy!

I thought the title was more fitting, since I am at the end of the beginning of this nightmarish jig saw puzzle.

I’m thankful to have the support to help figure it out and get me WHOLE again!!

HELLS YES! New log, new attitude. THis gonn’ be awesome!

Hiya MiM!

I’m happy to hear your finally getting some correction going on the thyroid problems!

Hi mims, I’ll be following along. Keep strong and healthy!

This week is turning into an upper/lower split since I have an appt smack in the middle of the week.

warm up stuff

  • side lying leg raises
    inner leg raise
  • cobras
  • planks
    band pull aparts


-Face pulls- 2x15
Straight arm Pulldowns- 2x15

-Seesaw Press- 2x10x20s 1x8x25s 1x5x30s
shrugs with 30s in between 4x10

-Neutral Grip Pulldowns(facing away)

-Delt Triad-3x12

-Stretchers(as seen here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/fine_tuning_the_basics_back_training)

-Windmills- 2x12
head CrossFit dood stopped me and said my form was spot on for those, so yay.

^ luv YOUUUU!!!

I’m here!

And I hear you’re competing this week!

Yay new log
and nice work

MinM- you can hot glue a yoga mat to PVC
Ive seen one sold as foam roller plus

have you peeped the mobility thread?

just saying

In on dis right hurr!


Is this where the nacho bar is?? I think I got turned around leaving Hallowed’s log… Hey I see some people I know here. I’ll just stick around and see what happens. :slight_smile:

(Hi MiM!! Impress me with your awesome: GO!!)

A nice shiny new log. Yay! I’m happy to read you sounding so upbeat.

Yay new log. Let’s hope that you can fulfill your recomp and strength dreams now that you have a decent thyroid doc.

OH Mimz…you think you are gunna just slide in here and create a new log without me noticing, aye? NOPE! Im in on dis.

ya, I guess I have been a downer the last couple years, huh?

My computer has my friends in it :slight_smile:
I have IRL friends but there more like acquaintances. I mean if we ever needed something while the hubby’s are deployed then we are THERE, no question asked.
But I don’t have real honest friends that I just call up and chat away at.
Is that how it is when you get growed up?
Or maybe it’s different for military spouses.
you tend to keep to yourself so as not to get caught up in drama.
At least for me anyway. I’m safer in my little bubble. The times I’ve tried to reach out, I got screwed.

I found your log…

these new happy vibes of yours…I hate them

I miss zombie mermaid betty