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The end of starving pains?

I just started my first phase of fat loss in a long time. I started out eating about 5 meals a day with two of them from protein powder and I was starving all of the time between meals, so I decided to start dividing all of my meals in half and my protein shakes in half and eating 10 to 12 small meal a day, one meal every 1 to 1.5 hours and now I can hardly even make myself eat at all because I always feel a little full. Does anybody know if eating this way could pose any problems? Has anybody tried anything similar? I know it is hard to find the time to eat that often, especially when about half of the meals have to be cooked, but I blessed with a job that I do from home.

When I first tried eating 5-6 small meals a day I found it incredibly difficult. So one weekend I decided to eat a tiny amount every hour. After this my body grew acclimated to taking in smaller amounts of food at a time and I was able to eat 5-6 meals with relative ease. So long as you’re not experiencing any gastrointestinal problems from throwing more food into your stomach while other food is still only partially digested, I’d think you’d be fine.

Try drinking a lot of water, I have found that a full pint glass with every meal (I do 5 a day) really helps keep the hunger pains away.