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The End of My First Cycle


So today was my last injection for my first cycle. I'm just going to ramble here a little bit about what my experience was like, hopefully somebody can learn from it.

Cycle was test E frontload 625mg first shot, then 250 every three days following. Arimidex on hand for AI and nolva on hand for PCT.

First inject was HILARIOUS. No matter how bad ass you think you are, your body reacts like a pussy. Sweats, racing pulse, the works. Minor bleeding, more than any other inject, probably due to shaky hands. It's hard to reach the glute comfortably, even on my flexible side.

Weighed in at 170.0lbs the first day (at 5'8). Training is spot on, with plenty of calories to support. Day 4 was up 4lbs.

Fast forward to weeks 3/4. Finally noticing some side affects, libido increase and slight acne. Before the cycle I felt I had low libido issues and my blood work showed low average test levels. No increases in strength that seem unusual. Good pumps during workouts. Weight is up to around 180.

Forward to weeks 5/6. Starting to notice changes in body size/composition. Strength is up, either due to the psychological boost or the test, PR's on lots of lifts. No aggression issues, I've always had road rage but my wife says I drive more aggressively. Weight is up to around 190

Forward to today, end of week 8. Holy shit. Weight on wednesday before bed was 200.6lbs. I took a picture of that scale. Body fat levels seem about the same as week 1, if not only 1-3% higher, maybe 10-12% overall. Strength is still going up, and I've never been a guy to care about how much I lift but it's nice to have that boost. My chiropractor suspects I am on something due to my appearance lol. Told him it was higher carbs, which is not untrue. I don't fit into a lot of the things in my closet. Need to get some gold bond powder.

Honest admission, at around week 4 and 5, I did the math on how much test I had and realized if I continued at 250mg e3d I would have a small amount leftover. This was an undesirable scenario, and a few injections were made at 325mg to insure full usage.

I learned that injections can make muscles twitch, which is not cool with 1 1/2" of steel in your leg. I always used a fresh needle after draws and was very detailed about cleanliness. Always aspirated, never hit a vein. Thankful for that.

I found that my original .25mg of arimidex every other day was not enough AI, probably around week 2. I had no symptoms of high estrogen, but after toying with the dosage I found that .5mg the two days following an inject seemed to keep water retention down better and I never had any dry joints or other issues. Basically used the mirror to aid in judgement.

cliffnotes: use test, get huge, profit



Sounds like you had a good cycle. Keep eating big and lifting heavy during PCT. Your strength and weight is going to drop back down a bit, but you have to make sure you keep lifting as heavy as possible in the gym. Tune down the volume if anything.

Keep as much as you can, and get ready for the next go around!


30lb gross gain is the best you can get really, and honestly rare after a first cycle.

Well done, sounds very good indeed. At 200lbs and 10% you could look pretty good, how tall?


He wrote 5'8" above.

Great cycle and feedback. Thanks..


Thanks for that I like reading the after effect.everybody and their brother has a critique my cycle but nothing after like size gains and how hard it was to inject at first I'm still reading and trying to get bigger before my first cycle and trying to find sources I think that's the hardest part so far is were to aquire it. But thanks that was informative.


How much strength did you gain? I found that moderate dosage of test only gave me improved size and endurance, and a little bit strength increase.


I would say my strength gains were average at best. Like I said, I don't really train for strength, but it is something I took a few workouts to test. I PR'd on my flat bench press best by 5lbs one workout just to see if I could (270lbs). I also increased my best 225lb flat bench reps from a previous best of 225x3 to 225x10. Pull-ups before were done with BW+25 for sets of 3-5, last pullup workout I had sets of BW+25 x 10, BW+50 x 5. I didn't do a lot of deadlifts or squats due to some low back issues, but my legs responded nicely.


I'll post up pics after I take them and upload them


Ok can't wait to see. I hope they're not back shots like you are trying to hide your face.


attached a lol pic, bodyweight is 197


Good stuff... :wink:


damn it everybody was supposed to show up in here and tell me I look like shit, is this still the internet??


Your nipple rings are ghey.. hows that? Feel better? :wink:




Always good to hear success stories to outweigh the stupidity you read so much about on this forum. Glad everything has gone well thus far.

Since your looking for flames though, what made you get those flaming wrist tattoos?



started my nolvadex today, bodyweight at 192


do you guys still use your AI while dosing your SERM? I did not take any AI today, but plan to continue through the 2 weeks of nolva


Not if it is in PCT.. Yes if it is during cycle.


The usual protocol is to taper off the AI immediately after you finish the cycle and stop using it completely when on PCT.


excellent thanks