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The End of Marvel As We Know It


This could be really good because it means they might have more recources, but it also means they'll try to make The Punisher and Wolverine cute and cuddly.



I don't think they'll be interfering with the writers, it looks like they just want to use the characters to promote their parks. I wouldn't be surprised if they show up in some cartoons as cute versions of themselves but I think/hope that the comics will be left untouched


I was wondering the same thing. Are they going to pussify Iron Man and all the sweet movies they have in there cachet. I think they will because can you name a movie put out by Disney that had any edge to it? I love Marvel


Disney also owns the ABC and ESPN networks, which aren't exactly all about the kiddies.


Kill Bill
The Crow*

Edit: Trainspotting and Gangs of New York should also qualify as "movies with an edge".

*May have been in production prior to Disney association.

Disney owns Miramax, so they aren't stuck with putting the Disney logo on everything.

I think the greater risk is that they put a Disney executive in charge that doesn't have a background in "comicbook culture".


Hopefully the top execs will take a "hands off" approach and make Mavel its own division and put people in charge that actually understand the comic culture/writing/etc. This could be a huge cash cow for Disney and tap into a market that they normally do not have a stake in...IF they allow those that know what they are doing to do their job. I just might cry if they "kiddie-fye" my favorite characters!


Exactly, anyone who still thinks Disney is all cartoons and kids hasn't been following business for the past 15 years or so. Disney is a giant conglomerate with all sorts of businesses that target members of all races and age groups. I wouldn't worry about Marvel.


Oh well.....here come "BABY AVENGERS"

They sing, dance, wear amazingly awesome cute clothes and shoot lasers out of their baby bottles.

With their mutant nanny, Blob Woman, they bake cookies at the speed of light and solve mysteries just like Scooby Doo!!!!

Coming, this fall.


I'm not worried, but I do think we will end up seeing complete selling out to the point that I look forward to my Wolverine Toaster that browns and slices the bread into three different sections.


Or they publish a "What if" with Disney characters involved

"What if Wolverine met Hannah Montana"

"What if the Hulk met the Jonas Brothers"


I used to have a Wolverine #1 and a few early X-men #2-10 I think.

Traded them in 3rd grade for some crappy baseball cards.

There went my retirement account.


I'm trying to imagine the look on my kids faces if we go to Disney world and Wolverine is there. :slightly_smiling:


This is a travesty. I wonder what this means for the Punisher?


It doesnt mean anything. I'm pretty sure Disney will just buy Marvel and then let them do there own thing.
It really just comes down to being an investment.


I think Tony Stark needs a cute n' cuddly animal sidekick who routinely breaks into song...



Is there anyone buying Disney stock?


Wow, it didn't really bother me until I read the above post. How long before a disney/marvel crossover. They will do anything for money. If they can introduce a "cutie" version of
the marvel characters to the infant to toddler crowd, think of the money and marketing possibilities. -actually it may already be happening..


I feel like Marvel has already sold out. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it's possible to sell out any more.


Marvel teaming up with Pixar could make for some really great animated films. Disney owning Marvel won't be all bad.


Good point. I feel better now.