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The End of Capitalism?


It now seems readily apparent that we're in for a big change. The system we have now is subject to abuse by politicians and by very wealthy individuals (like Madoff).

Pure Communism, Socialism, any sort of totalitarianism has been debunked. A command economy is simply too rigid while populations will simply not tolerate the wild swings under capitalism. Hence the massive debts and failed social programs. Anarchism is out, as we need SOME sort of social organisation.

It may well be that China is the future --- command at the top, capitalism below, a sort of half-breed system. The question is: if this is a more or less permanent solution?


The problem: Americans are not subservient, little Chinese people.


not in most cases. But watch most peoples eyes glaze over when you talk about anything of political significance. They are too busy worrying about what the major celebs are doing.


Tianammen Square?

China is booming economically. And they simply print whatever money they need; no worry about any elections.

I'm simply trying to see what the future holds for us.


Productivity pays.


Spot on mate.