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The End Of All Supplements?

I was reading the jan/feb issue of national muscle magazine simply because I was bored at work and I came upon a very scary article…

Apparently, effective june 2005, all supplements will be regulated by CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, a law governing all countries in the WTO. Under the CODEX, no supplement containing a potency higher than RDA will be by prescription only. Vitamin C above 200 mg, Niacin above 32 mg, B6 above 4 mg, all will be banned under this new law. Amino acids=gone. EFA=gone. Anyone know how factual this information is? How about what we can do to stop it?..

If this goes down, ill be in league with the ‘terrorists’.

scumbag legislation my ass.

By the way, arent there some companies taking the FDA to court for the wrongful illegalization of Ephedra?

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation has some info about this.

Don’t worry about this. This is a non-issue.