The end is near :(

Better stock up on MAG-10 while you can…

No joke, no marketing trick - stock up now. <a href=“"target="new”>REALLY.

Now would be a really great time for another Buy 2/Get 2 sale. Really.

Or tme, since they may no longer be able to make it, maybe now is a good time to double or triple the price on what’s left in stock?

Actually, I think Biotest just lowered the suggested retail a couple of weeks ago and I’m guessing it will stay that way in spite of the looming ban. That’s up to Tim though.

point taken. i’ll get my wallet out then.

So?is anyone as sick as I am of financing with my hard-earned tax money these bureaucratic bozos who have nothing better to do than ban my stuff? How about some good old-fashioned civil disobedience? I think we need to grow some brass ones (even though some of ours may be a little small?hehehe) and stand up to this madness. If they want to clean up sports, how ?bout going after all the rapists, gang-bangers, wife-beaters, murderers and all around thugs that permeate professional athletics? Wouldn?t that set a better example for the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiildren? Hoo!! I feel better now.

Anyway, what is the shelf life of this Mag-10? I recently bought six bottles and will start my first cycle this Saturday (I need to see if it really works before committing any more). If I stock up now, how long can I leave it sitting around? Any special storage instructions? How much time do I have to buy before my Big Bro makes yet another life decision for me?

I just don’t understand what goes through the federal government’s mind sometimes. They ban ephedra, and now it looks as if andro is next. My question is what are they gonna try and go after next, creatine? I understand part of the reason that they are taking this stance, wanting to deter people from using substances which they deem unhealthy. They think that if they ban andro, less people will use steroids.

What they don’t think about, as I see it, is that the effects of their actions could be the exact opposite of they intended. Steroids are illegal, and if andro seems to soon be, this is what would happen, what i see happening anyways.

If someone has to break the law to obtain a performance enhancing substance, they aren’t going to go for the andro, they are going to go for the real thing, in my opinion anyway. Why would you risk it for a geo metro when you could get a dodge viper for the same legal risk. I might be wrong on this, but i think what is happening will have an effect quite different than what the gov is intending.

BTW, this is not an antigovernemt rant. It is just me blowing off some steam. Maybe i’m wrong, but it makes sense to me.

MAG 10 killed my father and raped my mother, i’m glad to see it go

Now you know how us Canadians feel! We’ve had to put up with that shit for years.

Do they ever stop to think that banning it will just drive more people to use illegal steroids?

my point exactly

anyone know of any good andro dealers in the kc area

My advice to Biotest? Move to Mexico! Run your operation from there. Then we can make trips over the border and go shopping. Or I’d order it by mail and risk having the package searched.

Crazy thought, I know. But I’m sure there are trustworthy TX or CA or AZ T-Folk who would be go-betweens. I’m a pretty law-abiding guy, but I find myself thinking that I wouldn’t care about breaking the law this way. Shame on me. But then, I exceed the posted speed limit on the expressway and manage to avoid killing myself and others.

This is messed up…The only reason I took andro instead of regular steroids was because andro was legal…now, theres nothing from stopping me from going and just getting real steroids if this ban goes through. The government is dumb.

This doesn’t affect me directly, because I am young and dont have a need for mag10 or any other anabolic, but I do feel for those who do. I don’t understand when the government is going to learn, you can not cut off the supply if there is a demand. This is just going to drive more people to steriods. This is the same principle as all illegal drugs. I think the politicians of both parties need to look back at a little thing called prohibition, didn’t work then and it doesnt work now, whether it is steriods, marijuana, or penis pills people are goin to get what they want whether it is legal or not. It pisses me off when they give some long speech about protecting are children, even though they are in bed with the tobacco and pharmacutical industries. The smart thing would be legalize steriods, tax the shit out of them, and have them perscribed by a docter. That way the government sees green, people see gains, and it is as safe as possible.

I so glad that I use real steroids and don’t have to deal with this. What a load of crap. Another year of outrageous tax down the drain for a cause nobody cares about. The hell with the poor and starving, let’s take all the fun away from hard working Americans. What’s next, water?

Hey, if I am crossing the border to Mexico, I sure as hell ain’t coming back with Mag-10.

Anybody know the shelf life of Mag 10?

Roughly 2 years. If you don’t have it in any extreme temperatures, it will even last longer. How long, I don’t know.