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The End Has Come..Dont Take My Deca!!!!

SO its that time to end my cycle and Deca has made my joints feel so goooooood, I do not want to give it up. My left shoulder has not given me any trouble since I have been on and I hate to give it up!

A) can I keep doing a small amount and be OK with PCT or will this damage my attempt.
B) I have been doing 200mg per week, how low can I go just to have this effect keep going?

Thanks guys


Deca even at low doses is very suppressive, I say you have no hope of a PCT while still on it. Sorry.


It is suppressive below a dose that would be considered useful for anabolism.

Whether you can get some sort of joint benefits under 50mg a week i really do not know (or really care too much as it has no real application as far as i can see at that dose).

Try glucosamine!

x3 fishoil/glucosamine/curcumin 500 stack works very well for joint pain

any dose of deca is going to totally prevent recovery

Thanks for help guys/
Brook, I will try that, I am 300lbs, any recommendation on dosage?
Morepain, I will try that if glucosamine does not knock the edge off.


FWIW - Morepain recommended the same direction too AND gave dosages!

Go with MP’s recommendation mate.

[quote]J-J wrote:
FWIW - Morepain recommended the same direction too AND gave dosages!

Go with MP’s recommendation mate.[/quote]

Nah man, Curcumin 500 is the name of the supplement.

Generally Glucosamine/Chondroitin is 1500/1200 daily. Maybe an extra pill if one’s digestive system can handle it. Typically pills will have 750/600 G/C. You can even add MSM or SAM-e to the stack as well. Fish oils (Flameout if you can afford it) are great natural anti-inflammatories as well.

if i were to spec a single product i would say go with GLC 2000 originally developed for the race horse community…good stuff ; fish oil to me should be a given, every human being should be on this anyway…curcumin 500 i have found effective for both acute and long term pain management

I mega dose fish oil as well.

It works, not as well as deca, but at least it doesn’t feel like their is sand in your joints.

Cool thanks, I have always just dealt with the pain and worked aound it but Deca
made it feel so good I have to do something. I forgot what it felt like to. NOT have
to work around the pain.

Thanks for the help all.


How old are you?

  1. Been lifting for about 22 yrs. When I was younger (and invincible) I never did light sets. It was always heavy. Thankfully I was taught right when I was young so my form was always good but my left shoulder finally got pissed off about 4 yrs ago and has been “squeaky” every since.

Its a ligament thing. I chewed up the top of my ball joint (racing quads and stunting the street bike) so when I lift my arm the rough edges irritate my ligaments. I will get it fixed one day but I haven’t laid off the weights in about 8 yrs this time around so i am not going to let it get me…


Just to add something not yet mentioned. I was on deca for awhile this summer. Joints got better of course. Came off. But stayed with GHRP6. Its still early but I seem to be holding my joint comfort level on Deca off Deca and on G6. Food for thought