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The Empire Files: Understanding Marxism and Socialism with Richard Wolff


The guy that thinks it’s acceptable to hack his university’s network to forge his transcript is a Sanders supporter, color me surprised.


Am I a Sanders supporter?

How many times have you came up with this out of context, to prove what point?

You might just be tool, hitting on the nail like a hammer.


Lol, whut…?


Typical response from you, if it’s not a dismissive ‘‘lol’’ or ‘‘wtf’’ it’s hammering the same point over and over again. Like a real tool/USMC-CDS marine or whatever.


Sounds like you support marxism, no? It’s incoherent so maybe I misread your statement. By extension, that means Sanders who portends Marxism lite.

It shouldn’t be that hard for even you to connect my comment to yours if that is the case.

Add a real thought to any debate and I’ll give it a real response.

What you wrote doesn’t make sense that is why you get that type of response.

Serious, what type of nonsense babble is this?



“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


Abby Martin is a 911 truther:

Abby Martin is probably the worst type of regressive, she defends islamist patriachal and theocratic beliefs and movements and paints those who attack it as racists:

Abby Martin criticises western media for bias yet she works at RT, a controlled Putin network which amongst other things, likes to deny Russian state crimes and gangsterism.

Lastly she is a post/neo, Marxist. These are the postmodernists, the absolute worst philosophy possible. It basically combines Hagelian dialectic, which Marx advanced, yet applies historical materialism not just to class but to everything.

It also upholds double vision as a real phenomenon, where we get the whole " white privilege, shut up and listen to black people on race, women on sexism, Muslim’s on islamophobia". In other words the oppressed can see things from the oppressors view and their own, meaning they and only they have a complete analysis.

A physicist decided to create a fake article for a postmodernist science magazine to see what lunacy they would publish.
He in his hoax article claimed the reason there is no linear model of quantum theory was because of patriachal society and that science in the west was a “social construct”.
Not only did they publish it, post modernists (neo marxists) loved it and it was a hit in marxist circles for weeks.

In other words it is lunacy. Hence why Abby think the west killed 2 million people in Iraq and probably because they are brown.

As @usmccds423 said, it hasn’t stood the test of time. It has lead to abject horror everywhere it has been implemented with the exceptions of Catalonia (Anarchism/libertarian marxism), but that of course failed because a stateless communist area can’t defend itself and it was destroyed by the fascist and stalinist forces.


Marxism isn’t an economic model, it is a philosophy. It is the advancement to Hegel’s work that Marx came up with it’s essence being historical and dialectical materialism. What people like @Zeppelin795 don’t understand is that it isn’t a political ideology with concrete positions.

It is a method of analysis, so one could be a marxist and believe contradictions within communist production are inherent and will lead to revolution against it and towards free market capitalism. @Zeppelin795 is very much a post modernist Marxist.
An example of a man who was a marxist to his dying day was Christopher Hitchens, who came to believe free market systems were still the most revolutionary productive force in society possible and will be for quite a while before capitalism becomes to a new revolutionary system, what feudalism became to capitalism, torn asunder.

But yes I agree, Marxism is a bad philosophy and tends to draw conclusions to communism which is a failed economic model and often is based on totalitarian and pseudo-religious formation.

In the rare case like catalonia where it does not lead to oppression and misery, it is destroyed because the factors that make it free leave it open to destruction by outside forces, in that case stalinist and fascist forces in the civil war.