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The Empire Files: Understanding Marxism and Socialism with Richard Wolff


To understand why Marx’s popularity has stood the test of time, Abby Martin interviews renowned Marxist economist Richard Wolff.


A bogeyman(Marxist) explains the internal contradictions of capitalism as a system.


If only I understood Marxism to its fullest I’m sure I would build a raft to float my way to Cuban socialist paradise.


greatest form of “governing” ever invented
falls to shit when you add people




Wow, what an astute observation.


When all else fails, laugh!


You know it’s a great system when you build huge walls to keep people IN!!


Marx was a smart guy, but marxism is a completely failed economic model. Not that you would actually know because we all know you’re a little light in the loafers regarding economics.


How is Marxism a failed economic model? And what of the internal contradictions in capitalism as a model? As it eats itself.


How many countries even follow Marxism? Most communist nations don’t even follow what Marx wrote. China, for example, has loosened it’s communist ways, introducing capitalistic principles, and seen dramatic growth over the last decade plus.

Capitalism isn’t perfect. Literally no one believes it’s perfect. Read some Joseph Schumpeter, he explains it well.

The bottom line is that capitalism outperforms marxism every single time, hands down. Ask the Soviets if I’m wrong.


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Most of these countries are complete shit holes:


And China is slowing down because wages have been suppressed in the pursuit of pure profits that the people who actually produce products can’t afford to buy them. An internal conflict of capitalism as it destroys itself.


Everything is suppressed in China because they have an oppressive government… It has nothing to do with Capitalism.


No China is slowing down because their population is no longer content to provide slave labor to the homeland. They are finally coming out of the information dark ages.

Marxism only works when the elite can convince the population to work for free. That is why China is so desperate to control the flow of information.


I can’t help but drop some Milton


No China is slowing down because they are selling less because people are having a difficult time being able to purchase their products. A systematic crack in capitalism is being shown. You’ve helped to prove my point without even knowing it.


Man, just when I think we have seen the bottom of your well of knowledge with regards to how the world works economically…you grab a shovel and dig that sucker deeper.

Why are China’s products becoming more expensive? Because 12 out of 20 of their largest companies are state owned…durrrr.

No slave labor = more expensive product.



I don’t what do you expect posting that in this forum, except from making a bunch of posters shit their britches.