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Hey…oh gawd, my geek toes are a curling with this news:
“… I just read in the CNN ticker-tape news at the bottom of my t.v. screen that Universal had optioned the rights to the Tolkien-esque THE ELRIC SAGA with the intention of possibly making it into a movie trilogy…”

And now…who could be “Elric”? As in like this Brom version (of which I have posted a pic…). (art, “Lone Wolf” copyright Brom)

Two questions:

Who would play Elric, [Ben Affleck???]
Let’s face it, your average Hollywood leading man is not up to playing ELric

And… would they do it justice or Hollywood it?

For example:I remember a rumour several years ago about a Sandman film, except the movie execs wanted to make Morpheus, Lucifer and the Corinthian brothers…

Hey Patricia what was the Elric Saga? I’ve never heard of it.

I’m a big fan of Dragonlance, which may be made into a movie with the current success of Lord of the Rings.

Patricia you are so talented!! This is the best drawing yet :).

If you are into fantasy you have to read the “Elric of Melnibone” books by Michael Moorcock. I would start with “The Dreaming City”
They had better not be wimps and make this a “PG-13”.

Elric Stormbringer is a character created by author, Michael Moorcroft. Ko is really more of the “expert” as he’s read just about all of the books.
You can go here: www.stormbringer.net/elric.html

  • this site will tell you a bit about Elric.
    If H-Town DOES do this one right - this would make for excellent big screen fantasy entertainment!

Dolf Lundgren?

Sting? (wasn’t he great in Dune?)

I’m thinking it wouldn’t be your normal “leading man” actor.

brider: Sting was fabulous in “Dune”. His best role and best show of his acting chops. Ever.

Ricardo Montelbon. A few months on gear and he’ll be back to “The Wrath of Khan” condition.

MB Elric? Hmm…Wait Wait! No Photoshopping! NO FUCKING PHOTOSHOPPING!

Awright. Even this news is like, FRESH off the presses, which means Universal probably has about anywhere from 3,6+ years to do anything (of the rights of 11-books). And while the producers were named, that means the search is on for a screenwriter and a director. Then…there will be probably be script re-writes…blah…blah…blah.

But I’m gamed to play the “Who Can Be Elric?” Game. Here’s the list: Johnny Depp (cuz the man’s a freakin’ chameleon and a good actor), Neal McDonough ( my choice for Captain America, but he’d be good in this, too), Gerald Butler (Dracula 2000 and Reign of Fire - tall, lean, decent actor - would easily look the part); Johnny Lee Miller (Trainspotting, Dracula 2000 - another tall actor, who could at least look the part).
But the one actor that would have been best as Elric? Brandon Lee sigh. He’d been perfect.