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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Out Now


Anyone played it yet?


I've put in about 12 hours already. Good thing this was a deload week for me.


We're talking about it in Geek Generation.


I've been playing like, 39 hours straight..
Haha, I love it. The duel wielding is do sick, the magic is really fun, the graphics are good, it's really a great game worthy of wasting many hours on.

..and on a sidenote, not moving around and eating nothing but pizza and soda for the weekend helped me bust out a few PR's today in the gym. Deserved downtime FTW.


I just installed Windows 7 on my Mac so that I could get TOR when it came out (a friend is getting it and, having been a huge EQ/UO fan back in the day, I decided I'd jump on the bandwagon. I knew a few friends who played Oblivion back in the day, but - being more of an MMORPG kind of a guy - I never gave it a second thought.

I got Skyrim, after hearing about all the buzz, so that I could test how well it runs on Windows 7 running on my Mac (in preparation for TOR). Long story short: I am not at all dissapointed and it reminds me of a single player version of Everquest (which I happened to be obsessed with back in the day).

I just wish I wasn't so busy - barely have time to play.


Next weekend this game shall be mine! And the Pizzas too!


So I sacrificed my afternoon, got my warrior up to lvl 23 (almost 24) and my smithing up to 100. Got a full set of dragon armor, and it is awesome. Now I just gotta get a blade to match!


Im downloading of steam now.... can't decide if im going a mage or a sword and board style warrior!!! :frowning:


dark elf! doooo itttt


OMGOMGOMG Can't choose... Even if I go Dark Elf, I still gotta decide whether I'll play caster or melee... Although them shifty elves lend themselves more towards being caster type. Hrmmm.


High Elves are like the best since they start out with 50 extra Magicka. The once a day powers don't look that impressive. You just might have lower skills at the beginning, but those can be worked on.


Elves are magicians are all gays, a true warrior does not use magic neither have long ears and smooth silky skin.


Dark elf assassin-type character, working on all the sneak, light armor, and one handed skills.
15x dagger stealth kills with my upgraded dagger can wtfpwn pretty much everything i've come across so far.

Still have to try it on a giant though, every time i've tried going toe to toe w/ a giant it stomped my shit (still only up to level 12 or so).


I think I'm going to make a new character soon and try to gimp myself in some way. I'm thinking a barbarian who doesn't wear any armor. Right now I'm a level 15 wizard and I'm totally unstoppable, even on Master difficulty. They made Destruction magic too powerful. You can double cast a spell and it staggers the enemy, and you can keep casting it fast enough so your enemy can never move.

Plus I think my game is bugged. I'm trying to buy the house in Markath but the option won't pop up even though I've done every single quest in the city.


Anyone get Krosis yet at Shearpoint? Its a pretty decent mask that's supposedly one of sixteen artifacts in the game that you should save? It took me about 20 mins and ALOT of healing potions to down that guy...

Edit: you also get all three words of a shout there.


Yes! I was just going for the shout and killed the dragon and noticed I was being attacked.. He was a bitch to kill.

Currently hunting down the 8. 5 more to go. Save ALL the dragon priest masks.


Best tip I have read so far.


I have a question about the companions.

People have said they can die but I swear that b*tch will never die.
I have seen her light herself on fire, fall over dead, get hacked to death. She just keep popping back up.

If yours has died, what killed it?


I didnt have a companion bitch. Mine was from Dragonreach.


I was fighting Ice Wraiths and Cave Bears, she got in the way of my Steelsword swing and I put her dick in the dirt.