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The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim



This game will be awesome


There's whole laundry list of sweet games coming out this year. This is lower on my list of good ones just because Bethesdas games are always buggy as hell.


I forsee my grades tanking at the end of next semester...


I am going to have a lot of games to catch up on this summer


This is definitely in my top three of games to be playing this year. I've been replaying Oblivion recently so I'm pretty excited about this (the others being ME3 and DA2 - though what I'm hearing about DA2 doesn't fill me with confidence, to be honest).

I'm just hoping my 2 year old PC can do this one justice.


Let's hope this one isn't as bugged as all Bethesda games ( see Fallout 3 ).

And good to hear they have added realistic character customization ( face and muscles ), having a level 33 orc warrior with skinny arms was just a buzz kill.



(Except people complaining about the bugs.)


Do what I do. Don't buy games straight away - give it a month or so and then they'll be a) patched and b) cheaper.


Lady, I am disappoint.


Oblivion was fucking awesome until I learned that you can adjust difficulty at any point in the game & fact that enemies scaled with your level (something seems wrong about being able to defeat these epic enemies and become the head of a guild at level 2).

Yea yea, I could have left it alone, but I have no self control in these matters.


I think this may be the year I'm finally forced to upgrade my ancient PC...


You know she's right though.


Yes that was the biggest problem with oblivion. Fortunately people made mods where this was fixed (along with the arrow speed). I hope they wont scale enemy to your level in this one.


There will be level scaling, but you're supposed to be able to gain a real advantage eventually (as opposed to being on a fairly level field with almost every adversary in Oblivion). I believe they've also fixed bandits in Daedric, too.